Key Headlines

  • Oil prices rebound on hopes for a positive outcome during Saudi-Russia meeting
  • Asian refiners cut operating rates as demand collapses further
  • Exxon to reduce it capital expenditure by 30% to adapt to falling crude
  • KNPC announces completion of biofuel project at Al-Ahmadi refinery
  • Exolon Group expands production of polycarbonate and polyester sheets

International Plant Shutdown News

  • BF Energy to Hold-Up Full Restart at its Refinery After Turnaround

BF Energy Incorporation is purposely holding up the restart of its operating units in Toledo, Ohio. The operating units include a crude unit and a cat unit under its refinery at Toledo having a capacity of 170000bpd. The company undertook maintenance turnaround at the start of the year. With sudden outbreak of novel Coronavirus and plummeting demand, it is struggling to maintain economic balance. Hence, delaying the restart of plant operation to combat to any additional losses.

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  • Cummins Cuts Operations in Indiana plants amid Pandemic Stress

Cummins, a renowned company engaged in manufacturing and distribution of fuel engines and technologies in United States has announced temporary shut in its plant operations from this week. The company undertook the shutdown in order to combat losses from disruption in trade and hovering demand. It has scheduled the reopening of manufacturing facilities on 4 May 2020.

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