One of the suites of the Business Analytics tools of Microsoft is Power BI. It is used for data analysis and sharing insights. Power BI dashboards give a 360-degree view to users of business with their most significant metrics in a single spot, updated continuously, and available on all of their devices.

This means Microsoft is bringing the power of data analysis and visualization to each user in the company and not simply the technical or IT group. Currently, companies can analyze and visualize information across a diverse line of business applications, regardless of whether that information is resident on-premises, in the cloud, or a blend of the two places. This experience is reliable regardless of the tool the user is accessing it from. It can be a desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Features of Power BI

Let’s know about the various features that are offered by Power BI

1. Simple to setup:

With Microsoft Power BI, you can begin in seconds. The process of signing up for the online service is FREE and you can take benefit from the simple, dashboards that are out of the box for common services like SalesPower, Google Analytics, and Dynamics to begin getting insights from your data instantly. You don't have to fill in your credit card details, as the main requirement for this service is a work or school email address.

2. Access your data wherever it is:

With Power BI, it doesn't make a difference where your data is stored. Regardless of whether the data is stored in Excel spreadsheets, accessible online, or resident in an on-premise database management framework, you can still get a holistic perspective on the important metrics for your business from the various sources.

3. Real-time Reports:

Interactive dashboards are offered by Microsoft Power BI that shows the modifications to your data as they happen in real-time. This implies that you can see patterns, solve issues, and take advantage of opportunities as they occur. There are no more unnecessary postponements with Power BI.

4. Ask inquiries and get solutions:

This is one of the best features of Power BI. You can pose inquiries based on the data in your report and Power BI will give you the appropriate responses. It works similarly to a Google search. At the point when you start typing your questions, Power BI will give you proposals on all possible questions that are similar to the one you are typing and that can be replied to with the data contained in your report. Imagine posing an inquiry like "What was a last year’s profit by item?" and getting the correct information provided to you visually. Power BI supports posing inquiries in a natural language, which is an awesome feature.

5. Get everybody on the same page:

Single view of the truth is provided by Power BI to the organizations. This means that all partners will have the current status of the business at each point. Power BI Groups permit you to work together with the key partners of your business to make speedy and confident choices.

Tools of Power BI

Let’s take a look at the various tools of Power BI.

1. Power BI Desktop:

Power BI Desktop is an effective end-to-end answer for building analytics. It has all the abilities to rapidly interface, shape, visualize, and offer data insights through Power BI. This desktop application is really easy to use and intended to save significant time and effort by simplifying the process of getting your data prepared for analysis. Power BI Desktop places visual analytics at your fingertips with instinctive report authoring. You can drag-and-drop content to put them precisely where you need them on the adaptable and liquid canvas. It empowers you to rapidly discover patterns as you investigate a single unified view of linked and interactive visualizations.

2. Power BI Service:

This is a cloud-based service that you can subscribe to. It empowers you to make and publish your Power BI reports. You can share the reports from this service with other individuals who can either see them inside the service or in the mobile application.

3. Power BI Mobile:

With applications that are accessible, and can be downloaded from the Windows Store, App Store and Google Play, Power BI enables you to remain associated with your information from any place and at any time. Having a 360-degree view of your data makes certain to keep you ahead of trends as you remain focused on the most important thing. You can see your customized dashboards and reports from anyplace and effectively interact with your data utilizing a touch-optimized experience. Data-driven alarms assist you to keep updated with significant insights. You can also share live reports and dashboards with your group and trusted stakeholders to keep everybody on the same page.

4. Power BI Gateway:

This is introduced on-premises to enable the refresh of data on published reports in the Power BI service. It is available in two editions – Personal and Enterprise, for use in home and Enterprise situations individually. So suppose you have utilized data contained in both your SQLServer and Oracle databases to make an elegant report containing every one of those significant metrics your CEO will like to see and have published that report to the Power BI service to make it accessible on the web. How would you keep the data in the current report with the goal that your CEO can always have the right data regardless of the time he sees the report? That is where the Power BI Gateway comes in. It interfaces with your on-premises information sources and updates the online information to ensure that it is always current. You can plan this update to a period that is appropriate for you, for instance, hourly, daily, or weekly.

Job Opportunities and Future

Power BI can be considered as an open ecosystem that is continually developing, thanks to the various vital features added by Microsoft and those extra features given by third-party groups, which utilize the same API you can use to personalize and extend Power BI as per your particular needs.

Many organizations are adopting Power BI to enhance their control over data access. Considering the massive demands of students and the popularity of Power BI, SkillXS IT Solutions comes with an exclusive course on Power BI that will help you to cover and understand Power BI in a short period with deep knowledge.

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Bok your Seat:

What is the Pay by Experience Level for Business Intelligence (BI) Developers?

Having extensive market outreach, SkillXS IT Solutions assists all its students to find suitable and lucrative job opportunities. According to some online sources, the average salary of a Power BI developer in India is approx. 5 to 6 lakhs per annum. However, a person can expect a huge increment as he gains experience in the field.

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