Dear Investor,
A new hedge fund is opening in Hong Kong, offering the following
yields and risk:
1. $25K Minimum Investment
a) $12K remains in a CD deposited with HSBC. This capital is not at risk.
b) $13K is utilized by the fund for first three months of operations.
2. Yield is 20% APR ($5K per year), plus $250K after one year.
Note: this offer only applies to the first $25K. Amounts after this
will obtain different yields depending on the projects they invest in.
3. The Team managing the fund is experienced, has managed hedge funds
before (up to $1 billion USD), and is based in Manhattan.
4. The Team managing the Hong Kong office works under the direction of
the Manhattan team.
5. ALL income from the hedge fund goes to investors. The hedge fund is
investing in INFRASTRUCTURE, fixed assets, wind farms, solar farms,
desalination etc.
6. The investors in the fund obtain yields of 8% - 20% APR, depending
on the projects selected by the Hong Kong Board of Directors working
under the Manhattan team.
7. I - Anil jha - will sit on the Board of Directors and collect my salary
from the fund as a member of the Board. I do not collect any money
from you.
8. The Hedge Fund team does take a performance fee of:
a) 1/2 of 1% from the minimum interest earned. Most hedge funds take
20%. This fund is only taking 1/2 of 1% - or 1/40th of the normal fee.
b) In addition, the fund managers receive a performance fee of 1% -
20% for amounts above the minimum interest. For example, if investors
receive 20% APR interest, plus an additional 20% from good
performance, the fund managers would take a fee of 1/2 of 1% from the
first 20%, and then 20% from the second 20%. It is the lowest fee
structure charged to investors of any hedge fund.
if interested pl contact urgently mr craig mead urgently with my reference

anil jha
Craig Mead
President and CEO
Gold Pact Power, Inc.

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