Polyamide Powder Market For 3D Printing Industry, 2019-2029

The use of 3D printing for the aerospace end-use industry is one of the most research-intensive sectors. Research of 3D printing technology to build demonstration units to evaluate its functionality and hull design concepts is expected to increase the predominance of 3D printing in the aerospace sector. The major applications of polyamide powder in the aerospace industry includes development of complex parts, such as satellites parts or components, including flame-retardant vents and housings, and prototype of drones. The essential driver behind the adoption of polyamide powder in the aerospace industry is its ability to manufacture hollow complex parts, which in turn, leads to the reduction in the overall weight of the components.

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Aerospace was the largest end-use industry for polyamide powder used in 3D printing industry in 2018 in terms of volume, and its market size was XX tons which is expected to reach XX tons by 2029 at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period 2019-2029. The demand for polyamide powder in the aerospace end-use industry was mainly attributed to the growing need to reduce weight in the aircraft manufacturing.

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The automotive industry is estimated to be the second largest end-use industry in terms of value. The demand for polyamide powder is mainly attributed to its increasing application in door handles, air intake parts, engine covers, and radiator grills, among others, in order to manufacture lightweight vehicles which are fuel efficient as well. In addition, the use of polyamide powder in 3D printing technology for manufacturing parts gives automotive designers unrestricted construction freedom while designing complex bionic structure and shapes, which are difficult to manufacture using conventional manufacturing processes.

Moreover, the use of polyamide 3D printed parts in the automotive industry reduces the weight of the vehicle drastically, which increases not only the fuel efficiency of the vehicle but also its acceleration - one of the major competitive parameters that automotive industry wants to excel in.

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