Root Causes of Data Breaches


As big organizations are storing a large amount of data on various online platforms, the news headlines about data breaches are increasing with each passing day. This puts partners, customers at major risk. Hence, all companies need to make efforts to stay safe from risks and threats associated with data breaches.

Below we have listed a few most common causes behind data breach so that you can take appropriate actions to prevent them:

Weak Passwords

Some of you may consider hacking attacks as the most common cause of data breaches, but in actual, most of the times it happens due to weak or stolen credentials. Stats reveal that 4 out of 5 data breaches are caused by lost passwords. That is why experts always advise using strong combinations of passwords and do not share them with anyone. Some experts also advise to use password managers.

Application vulnerabilities

There is no need to create a new entrance to the system when some holes are already available. Hackers are always in search of some poorly written application software that provides enough space to crawl inside. If you are also using a few such apps on your handset, your personal data is also at risk. Make sure you keep all your hardware and software solutions up to date.

Malware attacks

Hackers can use both direct and in-direct malware attacks to harm user data. These malicious codes create a path for hackers to the target system and may further provide access to a few connected systems. Experts advise not to open a suspicious email attachment and do not click on links directly. They may contain some harmful things to compromise your personal information.

Too many permissions

If you follow overly complex data access permissions, they can serve the best food to the hackers. Many big organizations make a mistake of allowing unwanted access to their stored data, and it happens when they set wrong permission settings. The idea is to make it simple yet secure.

Insider threats

It is not always necessary that data breach will be caused by some external or trained hackers. If you share your personal details and important credentials with the friends around, they may also pose a threat at some point. When people know your passwords and usernames, they can alter, steal or copy essential information without seeking your permission.

Social engineering

When your system is more dependent on human interactions, it is common to see people breaking normal security guidelines. Many of them may try to gain unauthorized access to the system from different physical or network locations. Such attacks may be posed to gain some financial benefits. It is important to use high-end protocols to control all interactions on the system so that your content can stay safe and protected for the long run.

The idea is to follow solid security measures to stay safe from data breaches. Secure systems may save you from major data losses and from compromising business reputation in the competitive market.



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