Scammers uses New Ways of Cyber Attacks to Steal your Identity

In today's digital age, we are all susceptible to cyber attacks. A cyber attack is an attempt to gain unauthorised access to a computer system or network with the aim of stealing information or causing harm. The most common objective of these attacks is to steal identity, which can lead to financial loss and even reputational damage.

Cyber attackers use various techniques such as viruses, malware and phishing emails to gain access to sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers and social security details. They may also try hacking into online accounts or intercepting data transmitted over public networks. Once they have gained access, they can use this information for fraudulent activities such as making unauthorised purchases or opening lines of credit in someone else's name.

Also hackers are always finding new loopholes and bugs in your devices and softwares to perform cyber attacks. This helps them to discover new ways to do fraud to you. Also in recent years hackers has discovered various cyber attacks so here is a list of latest cyber attacks provided by TechDrive Support Inc.

Emerging Cyber Threats 

Drive by Downloads 

Drive-by download is one of the most dangerous tactics that hackers use. This technique involves downloading malware onto your computer without your knowledge or consent, often through deceptive means like pop-up ads or malicious code on an otherwise legitimate website.

Drive-by downloads are especially concerning because they can infect your computer just by visiting a website – you don't have to click on anything or actively download anything yourself. Once the malware is on your system, it can steal sensitive information, spy on your browsing activity, and even take control of your computer remotely. That's why it's critical to stay vigilant when browsing online and keep your antivirus software up-to-date.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross site scripting is a type of cyber attack that has been around since the early days of the internet. It involves injecting malicious code into a website in order to steal sensitive information or take control of users' computers. Cross site scripting attacks are particularly dangerous because they can be used to target large numbers of users at once, and many websites are vulnerable to this type of attack.

The most common way that cross site scripting attacks occur is through input fields on websites. Attackers can insert malicious code into these fields, which will then be executed by the user's browser when they view the page. This allows attackers to steal sensitive information like passwords and credit card details, or even take control of the user's computer.


Pharming is a technique that cyber criminals use to redirect internet traffic from legitimate websites to fake ones designed to steal personal information. Pharming attacks can happen on any device connected to the internet, including smartphones and tablets.

The way it works is simple but clever. Hackers create fake versions of popular websites like banks and e-commerce sites, then use various methods to redirect users from the real website to their fake one without them realising it. This makes it easy for hackers to collect sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords or other personal information without being detected. In many cases, victims only realise they've been hacked when they notice unauthorised transactions on their accounts or receive phishing emails asking for additional personal information.


While cyber attacks are not new, they are becoming more and more prevalent. As hackers become better at their craft, it is important to be aware of the latest trends and tactics in order to protect yourself and your business. Be sure to keep up to date on the latest security measures and updates, so you can stay protected from the latest cyber threats. If you still have any query fell free to Contact Us.


Can antivirus help to protect devices from cyber attacks?

Yes, antivirus softwares is a great tool to protect your device from various cyber attacks, it can protect you from malware attacks, password attacks and also warn you about other potential threats. You can purchase antivirus softwares from TechDrive Support as the company offers the best antivirus softwares at lowest price in the USA.  

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