In the times when the productivity is led by the technology, the finance has also benefited of the advances of the technology. At the present day, there is never-ending changes and improvements in financial technology, and there is a trend of many changes within a short time for the financial  structure. The Superior Cash is gradually becoming a reality from the imagination, which is overthrowing the ecology of traditional payment and leading the trend of capital flow in the world.


Financial technology: the pushing hand of global capital flow

Based on Internet innovation technologies such as massive data, blockchain, etc., the financial technology is used to carry out risk control and platform management. The financial technology can be regarded as the only way which must be passed for the transformation and upgrading of the financial industry, and also a powerful army and sharp weapon for the prevention of financial risks. Through the application of technology, achieving the purpose of improving quality and enhancing efficiency is the core of financial technology.

Due to the financial technology, there is a profound reformation in the capital market, and in particular, there has been a great promotion to the flow of global capital. In a sense, just as traditional currency, the value of digital currency is achieved through circulation. However, compared with traditional paper currency and metallic currency, the difference is that the digital currency is able to achieve the rapid global circulation, and the use value becomes higher along with the expansion of its circulation field and scope. This is also the reason that the digital assets can draw attention of many fields in the world.

It has become an irreversible trend for the flow of global capital, and the huge driving force contributed by the digital assets should not be neglected. Looking at the current digital assets, no matter Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or more new digital currency, it is issued to the whole world, and is significantly convenient for the circulation, which offers faster media for the global circulation of funds..


Superior Cash: from the imagination to realization

The technology changes the financial order.

It is a must, but not static for the order. It has been always in an iterative progression for the combination of technology and finance until the establishment of a new order. It is a process of continuous iteration for the birth of Superior Cash.

In 2009, the decentralization of Bitcoin (BTC) was achieved for the first time in the currency world. Although it is not issued by a certain agency, it is able to circulate in the whole world. BTC is a P2P protocol, and has its ledgers distributed throughout the Internet, which makes that it is impossible for forging the transactions and the ledgers, and thus the costs and risks in the link of settlement are greatly reduced. Soon after that, BCC (Bitcoin Cash) was born, which is a new encrypted digital asset launched by the Mining Pool ViaBTC based on the Bitcoin ABC solution, and it has a higher hash rate compared with BTC.

At the present day, no matter the UTMO-based blockchain represented by BTC or the account-based blockchain represented by ETH (Ethereum), the great value of blockchain technology is fully proved. However, it is not freely circulated between the two types of currency because they are established based on distributed systems that have completely different systems. It only complies with the original intention of the blockchain by constructing a type of digital asset that can be circulated freely between different systems.

   In Jun. 2017, with the birth of the technology that makes a new underlying technology platform be able to be established to link different technologies of blockchain, so that the trust-based value is able to be circulated freely across different blockchain systems, and it is the Superior Cash.


SPCA: Building the new ecology of Super Cash

Before the super cash was born, it did not achieve the real flow of funds for the digital currency. Therefore, high hopes have been placed on the super cash since the proposing of its concept. Just as the dawn of the darkness, it has attracted the attention of the financial circle and even the economic and trade fields.

Also known as e-cash, super cash is a new decentralized payment system, which has fluidity and anonymity of cash, and is compatible with all benchmarking payments, cash withdrawal systems, and supports exchange mechanism of any currency throughout the world. Through the technology, the gap between digital currencies is stepped over and the bridge for the circulation of currency is built, which makes the possibility of circulation between different digital currencies. And the SPCA is one typical example among them.

SPCA (Superior Cash) is a new generation of cyber electronic cash payment system. A new underlying technology platform is built by SPCA to connect various technologies of blockchain, which achieves the interaction of assets and interests among different platform tokens and chains.

It has been changing for the ecology of digital assets along with the iteration of means of payment. The enchantment of SPCA lies in expanding the circulation domain of digital assets, breaking the boundaries of tokens issued by various platforms of blockchain so that the cross-block circulation can be achieved, and thus the value of digital assets can be fully released, which is bound to have the ecology system of Superior  Cash reconstructed.


Leading the flow direction of global capital in the future

It is irreversible for the flow of global capital, but how shall the high-speed circulation be achieved? The direction may have been pointed by the SPCA.

As for SPCA, it is not only a secure mean of payment, but also an efficient form of circulation. It achieves the free circulation of information and value among decentralized distributed ledgers, and is able to break the boundaries to support the currency exchanges among various countries, and permit the free exchange of values ​​and goods between different regions. Just because of this, SPCA is regarded to be a replacement for the next generation of “cash”.

As an upgraded version of “cash”, combined with its own encryption mechanism and autonomy mechanism of decentralized organization, SPCA achieves safe and efficient payment, and will shine brilliantly in building systems such as payment, finance, credit, insurance, funds, securities, etc. In aspect of application, SPCA will pay its attention to having the increasingly mature digital currency technology energize the fields such as traditional finance, medical, education, etc. so that more diversified application scenarios are created to speed up the convergence of the boundaries between currencies.

In the internationalized environment, it is the liquidity of funds that guarantees of mutual promotion in various fields. Due to the SPCA, the front of the follow of global capital is illuminated, the barriers among different digital assets are broke, the value of digital assets in circulation is maximized, and more possibilities are delivered by reshaping the circulation of trust and value.


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