Compact sized dental chairs are helping dentists and practitioners to restructure their daily work.


A dental chair comes with multiple control units and ergonomic features that are designed with the help of sophisticated engineering technologies. Dental chairs are a vital purchase in a dental clinic and it has been an imperative task for a dentist to choose a chair that is comfortable for the patient as well as the dentist.

Movement around a patient's head is important for a dentist, which is surging the need and demand for narrow profile backrest. Several dental chairs in the market now have thin upper backrests. The market research for headrest adjustment and patient positioning is soaring for a pediatric dental chair in comparison to traditional dental chairs. Patient positioning aids currently running across the market are proving to be very helpful in the treatment of pediatric patients. Efficient pediatric dental chairs are being introduced to the market for ensuring the proper position of the headrest for optimum accessibility. Small, thin and adjustable headrests enable convenient as well as improved accessibility to the patient. For example, double-articulating and magnetic headrests allow better flexibility in patient positioning.

Ergonomics plays a vital role in medical applications like dental chairs. Dental chairs require appropriate adjustments for the appropriate posture of patients. This requirement is satisfied by actuators that provide versatile adjustment in dental chairs by coalescing multiple movements in one smooth operation. This helps in offering comfort and safety to both the dentist and the patient. Actuators can be easily mounted and require less maintenance.

Advanced technologies and design concepts have triggered innovation of next-generation dental chairs. Dental chairs have several instruments attached to them such as foot switch, balance arm, imaging system, operating light, X-ray viewer, and an extended tray. Oral diseases are growing increasingly and considerably impacting the mandate for dental equipment. Dental chairs are playing a key role within the dental equipment ecosphere. Infrastructural developments in the medical and healthcare industry across the globe is enabling and facilitating the rapid industrial expansion.

Non-powered Dental Chairs

Amidst the rapid emergence of high-tech dental chair technologies, non-powered dental chairs still have a widespread application and existence in hospitals. Non-powered dental chairs aim towards ensuring patient comfort and providing the dentist with adjustability.

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Powered Dental Chairs

Powered dental chairs are witnessing the most significant and rapid growth. The consistent development and technological advancements in powered dental chairs are determining a promising future of these chairs in the coming years. All powered dental chairs have the superior working condition and are tested properly before a procedure starts.

Components of Dental Chairs

Among several components of dental units, the chair component is witnessing a higher growth and adoption rate. The chairs are designed for providing ergonomics for the operator as well as the assistant. Mostly, the chairs are fully motorized, electrically driven, and ensure smooth movement. Other components like dental cuspidor and dental chair handpiece are still under innovation and development.

Hospital setups can accommodate numerous dental chair units, consequently, the industry for dental chairs is witnessing the highest adoption and implementation rate among hospitals. The fastest growing end users of dental chairs are dental Clinics. Dental studies have been and persist to remain well-known. Thus, most surgeons intend to establish personal setups for their own practice. As a result, dental clinics are projected to contribute more to the growth of the market of dental chairs over the coming years.


The growing incidence of oral diseases and progress of latest, technologically-developed dental chairs is heightening the market growth. The widespread implementation of dental examination chairs has emerged in recent years due to the mounting awareness related to maintaining oral hygiene among the people across the globe. According to a recent report by KBV Research, one of the leading market research companies, the worldwide market for Dental Chairs is projected to reach $2.25 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period.

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