Yes, you can trademark a hashtag with vigorous comprehensive method and technique.

A remarkable trademark have-a-go of solitary trait and are rare. Hashtags marked trademark of the resource. As long as if it operates and performs as an identifier of the provenance of the aspirant's merchandise or facilities.

A ‘TRADEMARK’ is ‘Service Marks’ And ‘HASHTAG’ are ‘User-generated Tags’.


How trademark and hashtag are interlinked?

In reckoning tag “HASHTAG” or hash symbol entail aiding in general source-recognizing purpose. As in merging the term in general or simply and words are scarce to entitle for registering by means of a trademark. Invariance whimsical or expressive phrases and words blended with the hash symbol or tag. They are worthy for trademark security and essentially estimated to regulate their source locating persistence.


Aspects to deliberate in advance for a trademark a hashtag

Trademark and hashtag holders should oblige to safeguard their service marks. The brand holder is themselves accountable for spotting and guarding their trademarks in contradiction of destructions.

Although guarding a trademark can be inflated. But looking forward can value enterprises for numerous motives.

Many of the HASHTAGS and TRADEMARKS are not registered. Simply framing a hashtag previously a phrase or word does not remark it as a registered trademark. On first hand a word that comprises the hashtag sign is only registered if it recognizes the base of the trademark holder’s services or merchandise and if it is simply vivid or general for the services and merchandise in linking with which it is being utilized.

On the second hand if the enterprise formulates hashtag entirely on Promotional media platforms to simplify out looking for its brand. Inspecting advocates who allow and reject trademark bids initiated to regulate whether the trademark wished will be formulated in linking with services discrete to promotional networking. This avoids enterprises from attaining knowledgeable possessions privileges in excess of each word they frame to market their services online.


Steps ladders in registering trademark a hashtag


  • Generate hashtags they must small not so long and it needs to slightly vivid so folks will have a rough knowledge of what it is all about.
  • Track a search on the promotional networks you design on using to comprehend if the hashtag you are in need of previously being formulated.
  • Register your hashtag on various sites like
  • Using it – is a great deal! .Bring together the hashtag to your followers in all of your conversations. Inspire them to go ahead with it when speaking about that theme or subject.


  • Execution of an inclusive trademark search is the utmost significant footstep in the procedure. The trademarks application will be approved only if your trademark application checked and registered a trademark.
  • Filing a trademark application filing your trademark application in a go it’s as relaxed. As an online form-filling way, but there are roughly difficulties. You have to mention out the application with attention and detailed information required. You’ll also have significant options to style earlier you type a letter on the application.
  • Observe and explore your application. You’ll possibly spend time on revitalizing website and their pages, expecting that there is a bit progress on your trademark application. Odds are afterward you file your application you will have to wait.
  • Complete your registration – examine your application properly as there are numerous resources that can review and outlook of misperception in the same method as trademark holders can.


Trademark a hashtag is beneficial for enterprises

  • Promotional media websites are progressively on fleck by using hashtags for users and chief base of facts and figures.
  • Extension and increment about services, facilities, and merchandises.
  • To expand the influence in their promotional, marketing and advertising operations.
  • Hashtags are important during a trademark search. They ease the process of searching.


The concern and results connected with trademark a hashtag

Hashtags are innately designed to get operated by folks as likely to advance online discussions. Specified the élite essence of trademark possession. Hashtags can invoke a dare for holders in regulating procedures of their hashtag trademarks.

  • Brand holders may vulnerable to publish or even accountable. As if their hashtag trademarks are operated inadequately or in an adverse context by customers.
  • Promotional networking platforms are not worthy for trademark registration provision. Except the aspirant has generated a promotional media dais or framework distinct from any non-promotional networking services and merchandises.
  • Brand holders should evaluate the paybacks and profits of linking to Internet communication through the usage of hashtag trademarks. Contrary to the probable subject matters that can commence because of problems in controlling in what way their hashtags are being framed into.
  • If an enterprise determines that they never desire to influence the spread of a hashtag by trademarking. Then it needs to make sure that the hashtag is not vivid of the services and merchandise accompanying the enterprise aims to the usage of it. Also, reflects a place of structure to analysis, evaluate and cope up with how the hashtag trademark is formulated.


How to safeguard hashtag trademarks

  • Firstly, grasp by way of it's registered or not. A trademark is a symbol that is proficient of distinctive the services of one enterprise from another. As in, it sanctions customers to recognize the base of a services
  • Secondly, should seize the effects of using a brand’s hashtag trademark. Even they include a brand’s hashtag trademark in a promotional media post and making you accountable for trademark violation.
  • Thirdly, grabbing the wide usage of hashtag trademarks and factual safeguards the concern of a dealer from distortion. Demonstrating that an enterprise has picked up the vital goodwill in the hashtag trademarks. They are true to end somebody else from using it is possible to test.



You can trademark a hashtag with the registration and a hashtag trademark. But it won’t be mean that you owe the hashtag. It formulates that you have the élite right to frame the trademark. Associating with the promotion and marketing the detailed services linked with your registration. Also, companies and enterprises should safeguard them the following rules.

This article is written by Shrishti Jain who is a content writer at Legalraasta. It is India's top portal for all legal and financial services like company registration, food license, trademark registration., etc.

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