Webinar | Using Behavioural Science to Crack the Culture Code for Risk Management

Join our upcoming webinar Using Behavioural Science to Crack the Culture Code for Risk Management

Corporate culture is one of the most critical levers for creating shareholder value and driving organisational performance, yet one that most companies underutilise. Up until now culture has been extremely difficult to measure and transform as the underlying drivers are invisible. If organisations are unable to see, describe or measure behaviours, it is hard to know if the culture is helping or harming the organisation.

Truly understanding the culture and identifying the behaviours that do or do not support the strategic priorities can unlock the full potential of an organisation and its impact on the wider community. This webinar will focus on measuring culture through quantitative behaviour diagnostic and analytics to decoding your organisational culture that drives your business and quantify how to manage risk and generate sustainable value. Are you interested in answering the following questions?

What are the behavioural changes required to align our culture with our strategy? How well does our organisational structure and practices support our ideal culture and minimise risk? Do we have any risks that we are not aware of? What is the gap between our current and desired culture?
During this webinar you will learn how to take the guesswork out of cultural measurement or transformation by: applying behavioural science using ground breaking diagnostics, linking behaviours to business outcomes, providing advanced predictive analytics and providing actionable insights.

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