15th Edition Third Party Vendor Risk Management for Financial Institutions

Strengthen your third-party risk frameworks through continuous monitoring and vendor diversification whilst managing the increased focus on cyber and ESG

Conference date: September 19-21, 2022

Location/Venue: Boston, MA

Third-party risk is still a hot topic for financial institutions. There is growing use of third parties and extended use of 4th parties and subcontractors and it is therefore key that financial institutions remain on top of the risks in this space. The recent inter-agency guidance from the US regulators has led to further focus on this topic as well as macroeconomic factors such as the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Third-Party risk professionals are looking for ways to enhance and streamline their risk management programs and ensure that they have strong exit strategies in place with critical vendors to minimize their risk exposure.


This conference will look into the latest developments within third-party risk management. There will be assessments into processes for third-party risk management as well as a deep dive into some current, pressing third-party risks. One of the key areas that this conference will look into in more depth is ESG and how to monitor and manage the ESG rating of third parties to ensure that this aligns with the overall business strategy. Alongside this, the event will also assess the best practices for managing cyber risk within third parties as this is a current top concern as there is an increase in cyber threats and breaches for financial institutions and their third parties. Finally, the event will look into the management of 4th and nth parties and the extended supply chain to ensure resilience and risk assessment practices are as strong as they can be.

After the event our delegate attendees are expected to be able to:

  • Leverage continuous monitoring of third parties
  • Implement ESG standards into third party risk practices and contracts
  • Enhance vendor diversification to minimize concentration risks
  • Strengthen exit strategies with critical vendors
  • Assess the inherent risk and expose the information leading to cyber risks
  • Understand the need to plan and execute key focus areas with 4th parties

Interested in Joining this conference, then contact Mr. Ayis Panayi at ayisp@global-fmi.com or visit the website https://bit.ly/39JkGKA

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