2nd Edition Front Office Financial Resource, Capital, and XVA Optimisation

Implement best practices in front office financial resource management by optimising capital, funding, and XVAs in line with new regulatory and market demands 

Conference date: 16th – 18th November2022 - Exclusive Discounts for GRC readers

This marcus evans event will provide practical guidance on how to optimise of banks' XVA and front office practices with in-depth sessions on aligning with regulations such as the FRTB and SA-CCR, enhancing XVAs, making collateral and margin management more efficient, improving computation and modelling with new methods and innovations, and adapting to macroeconomic shifts such as rate changes. These hands-on sessions will be delivered by best-in-class practitioners who are uniquely equipped to pass on their expertise in this field. This guidance will enable banks to rise to the challenge of the new regulatory and macroeconomic conditions, and establish a competitive advantage within the markets.  

Key Themes:

  1. Adapting capital optimisation in the context of market and counterparty risk regulation
  2. Aligning XVAs with new regulatory and market demands
  3. Ensuring efficient collateral management and margin optimisation
  4. Improving computation and modelling in the front office
  5. Assessing financial resource management in the face of macroeconomic shifts

For more information, please contact Mr Ayis Panayi at ayisp@marcusevanscy.com or click this link: https://bit.ly/3BDWxyU

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