• Aug 11, 2022 from 3:00 to 4:30
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Good leaders walk the talk, but they also “write right”. They know how to say in a few words what needs to be said in crisp, clear language. The road to bad communication is paved with good intentions but poor construction. Readers know when subjects and verbs don’t agree when punctuation misses the point when words don’t fit, and content is confusing. In this session, learn how a few basic rules on grammar, punctuation, and usage can improve business written communications with clearer, more succinct content.

Business writing is best when it is spare and clear, precise, and concise.  This session is designed to give practical and useful advice and tips on how to tighten up the language and organize the content into a logical, convincing read.   Attendees don’t have to be English majors or literature students.  The aim is to improve the readability of your written words.


Good writing takes practice, and many schools have reduced the time spent on formal writing, especially practical grammar, proficient spelling, appropriate punctuation, logical development, etc.  This course can’t fill that kind of educational vacuum, but it can help participants improve on the skills they do have.

So this is a webinar useful to many areas of your organization—not just lenders and credit approvers, not just credit analysts and loan reviewers, but also auditors, loan administrators, marketing, retail, operations—anyone who has to explain or convince others that what they are saying makes sense.


  • Techniques for writing clearly and concisely
    • Clear writing
      • Specific words vs. generalities
      • Active vs. passive voice
    • Unnecessary words & phrases
      • Doublets & redundancies
      • Wordy habit phrases
      • Wordy dependent clauses
      • Unneeded connecting words
      • Wordy “due to” explanations
  • Techniques for writing well-organized, logical arguments
    • Introductions & summaries to the integrated argument
    • Avoiding elevator analysis
    • Bringing order to facts, interpretations & evaluations
    • Making words count right
    • Some extra readability writing tips—rounding numbers, acronyms, “of” and parenthesis eradication


  • Eliminate puffy and ambiguous words and phrases and replace them with sharper, clearer alternatives
  • Understand how to use punctuation to tighten writing into a more readable and understandable documentation
  • Build stronger, easy-to-understand explanations and recommendations with more focus on sequential, logical constructions—less is usually more
  • Support these objectives with appropriate before-and-after examples


  • Credit Analysts
  • Credit Managers
  • Loan review officers
  • Work-out officers
  • Commercial lenders
  • Credit Risk Managers
  • Chief Credit Officers
  • Senior Lenders
  • Senior Lending Officer
  • Bank Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Board Chairman


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