From inside jokes to cultural references and wordplay, every statement of human conversation is highly complex as it is built on shared context and previous interactions. Humans speak in highly nuanced ways without skipping a beat. Each response follows the last, almost instantly. For a quality conversation between a human and a machine, responses have to be quick, intelligent and natural-sounding. True Conversational AI goes above and beyond rule-based answering engines to understand the context, analyze the text and speech, the intent behind the questions and also consider the user’s preferences. Conversational AI that uses natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, advanced dialog management, deep learning and machine learning has the ability to engage in human-like dialogue, capturing context and providing intelligent responses.

Today's AI-based chatbots can have full-blown communication that leave people feeling like they finished having a conversation with a person. Conversational AI is a key for many brands that wish to improve the customer experience as it can help them connect with their consumers in the channels they use the most and it can provide personalized experiences that are quicker and more convenient than traditional ways of interacting with brands.

Conversational AI & Customer Experience is a 2-day networking event that will invite visionary speakers, industry experts, innovative chatbots, and conversational AI technology providers on one platform and facilitate the discussion pertaining to the current trends, Future Innovation, Policies, and Regulations in the field of Conversational AI.

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