• Nov 3, 2022 from 3:00 to 4:00
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In order to reduce employee turnover, we have to start by hiring the right employees the first time. This starts by interviewing for retention, which is best done through a technique called Behavioral Interviewing.

Behavioral interviewing is said to be 55% predictive of future on-the-job behavior while traditional interviewing is only 10% predictive. So if you really want to know if the person is the right fit, you need to use behavioral interviewing. If we do not use behavioral interviewing techniques, we only have a 10% chance of finding the right candidate. Pretty scary when you consider the cost of turnover, bad performance, or the time and stress you in trying to manage a bad fit.

In this course, we will look at how to identify the best traits needed for a position, and then how to create interviewing questions that will truly help you find the candidates that best match those traits. We will also cover techniques to prepare and conduct an interview that will get you the best results.


Are you struggling to hire the right employees? Do you have a high turnover of employees? Do you hire someone who you think is going to be the perfect candidate, only to find that they seem very different from the impressions they gave during the interview?

Many people don’t hire the right employee because they don’t know how to best weed out the candidates during the interview process. This webinar will show you how to detect the best candidate for the job during the interview, so you can lower your employee turnover, reduce management and HR stress and time, and save on costs from having to re-hire for the same position again and again.


  • Identifying Skills, Talents, and Knowledge needed for a position
  • Types of Questions to use:
    • Open vs Closed
    • Behavioral vs Non-behavioral
    • Holistic Questions
  • Purpose of Behavioral interviewing
  • Creating good Behavioral questions based on position needs
  • Probing Techniques


  • HR
  • Hiring Managers



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