Secure web gateway has become increasingly popular, as cybercriminals in relatively insecure or qualified websites have become more advanced in integrating threat vectors. These false websites can exploit the company when users access it and unleash malicious code and unauthorized user-friendly access. Fake, criminal websites can be very persuasive.


A secure web gateway provides security protection against risks to information online, by applied security policies and real-time Internet malicious traffic filtering. A secure web gateway at least provides URL filtering, web server tracking, and malicious code identification and filtering. Features of data leak protection are also significant.

What is a secure web gateway?

A secure web gateway is a cyberbarrier or control point that stops malicious traffic from accessing the network of an enterprise. The traffic that is governed by a secure web gateway is in line - all incoming and outgoing data is placed between the gateways. It prevents transmission or access to malicious websites, viruses, and malware by companies. Only approved secure websites can be reached through the web gateway – all others are blocked. A more detailed web gateway feature may prevent entering the website (also known as the exfiltration) of a company with classified material (such as intellectual property, data, and confidential documents).

Features of a secure web gateway:

Real-Time Traffic Inspection

In real-time, a secure web gateway monitors web traffic, analyzes content against company policies, and blocks all inappropriate or contradictory content. The majority of secure web gateway solutions are designed to enforce the templates of common safety policy directly outside the shelf and to set policies that meet the business model or compliance needs.

Protection for Off-Grid Workers

As employees are more distributed, security solutions are required to provide protection anywhere, every day on every computer. A secure web gateway allows mobile users to easily authenticate and to use the same protection protocols as in the office on their devices. The result is that all internet traffic is secure, everywhere they operate, and absolute tranquility is guaranteed.

Time and Content-Based Access

Whether you have to limit internet access at specific times or choose to manage access to different site content, you have the freedom to customize your secure web gateway according to your appropriate use policy and enforcement. Time quotas or plans that guarantee optimum efficiency or even permit access to websites specific to their work positions can be assigned by individual users.

Data Leak Prevention

As the name suggests, data breach prevention stops the leakage or stolen from a third party of the corporate data. Using a web security gateway with data loss prevention tools can provide very effective coverage against both internal and external attacks by detecting ordinary business conditions such as payment card industries (PCI) number patterns and phrases and personally identifiable information.

Why do we need the secure web gateway technology?

As networks are more decentralized as more people link directly to the web from any location or computer, securing the customers, network, and the data accessed is important. A secure Internet gateway (SWG) blocks user access to malicious Internet and cloud traffic that could corrupt their computers and negatively impact the company's internal network. It also guarantees that consumers navigate the site in keeping with the regulatory policies of the company.

The number and sophistication of internet-borne threats are growing. Organizations must take into account the very real risk of their data, reputation, and fundamental values and implement the right security measures. A secure web portal is key in this process, preventing the breach of your network and data and allowing you to stay in line with the legislation concerning your business line and your data.

What’s new in the industry?

The cloud movement is by far the most influential trend for gateway security. Companies have in the past few years been very worried about cloud safety. In addition to on-site solutions, many now recognize the advantages of cloud-based security. Users chose to move to the cloud completely. Furthermore, several web security portals in the cloud are as functional as on-site implementations.

Services operating on the cloud can offer benefits. For certain cases, latency and performance are lower. In particular, end-user locations are used and installed near remote areas and are placed in a way so that they can enable device accessibility. The chances are that new technology portal roll-outs are in the cloud. Companies will keep their current stable Internet portals on site until they eventuate, so it is not clear that there will be substantial development in that part of the market.

The secure web gateway is now allowing the users to decode SSL data with about half of all attacks and malicious data using cryptography. However, some technological issues do have to be solved, for this system to work properly and stay flexible and provide a reasonable value in dual-rental environments.

Web isolation is another trend where the use of a web browser in an isolated environment to protect the app from risky and unknown websites. Web isolation can also extend to all high-profile blogs, for example, the CEO or CFO, which are frequently targeted. In the read-only context, for example, possible phishing e-mails are accessed to protect users from unintended exposure to identifying information.

Summing up

The secure web gateway market is growing exponentially with high dependence on the internet, increasing demand from companies to prevent and defend end-customer data from ransomware attacks and breaches of information. Furthermore, productivity monitoring is also driving the industry at a rapid growth rate. 

Free Valuable Insights: Global Secure Web Gateway Market to reach a market size of USD 11.5 billion by 2025

Indigenous and persistent attacks have been a major concern for industries like BFSI, healthcare, and government departments, raising the need for an appropriate and integrated security solution. This provision is expected to give the secure web gateway industry more opportunities. The market expansion, on the other hand, has been further constrained by the lack of awareness and demand in customary firewalls.

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