Best iOS App Ideas For Beginners

Best iOS App Ideas For Beginners

Apple has introduced a new feature called SwiftUI that will revolutionize UI development, allowing developers to concentrate on ideas rather than technical details.

Since then, learning iOS coding has been simpler for newbies. Everyone should put what they've learned into practice once they've learned the essentials so that they may understand the difference between theory and practice for themselves. 

Despite the many difficulties encountered by app developers and marketers, it is predicted that mobile app downloads would reach $258.2 billion in 2022, up from $194 billion in 2018.

A good app concept for everyone's level is difficult to come up with. That's why let’s look at the simple iOS app ideas in this article. 

  • Expense Tracking App

In order to maintain track of your finances, you may use this software to monitor your spending by category, set up automatic bill payments, see your income, and make savings plans.

The app must have the following features:

  • Cost totals may be seen and compared on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.
  • During the workday, display your invoices.
  • Create a new invoice by clicking the "Add New" button.
  • Categories are shown (including food, water bills, etc).
  • Show invoices that have been utilized in the past (for collecting purpose).

Concept of the app 

As a first step, you will see comparison charts on the 'Home' panel to aid in keeping tabs on and comparing current day's spending.  A list of all the bills you've paid that day will appear underneath the graphs.

Catalogs will thereafter display as soon as you click the 'Add New' button. Choosing a catalog will take you to the next page where you can enter the amount of money and describe the invoice.

The program will immediately return to its home screen after all tasks have been completed. Three tabs may be created using the Tabbar navigation: Home, Activities and Settings. 

The bill records are shown in categories on the activities screen. When you click on a certain item, you'll be sent to its details page.

  • Book app

The Expense Tracker program does not need communication with a server. More than 935.2 billion dollars will be generated by mobile apps throughout the globe by 2023, according to Statista.

Let's take it a step further with this program by making use of the various APIs, such as this link, or this. The goal of this mobile iOS app is to make it easier for people to read online books. Isn't it easy, isn't it? However, it isn't as simple as you may expect.

The app must have the following features:

  • To get free books, use the internet.
  • Make it possible for people to read whole books, or even individual chapters.
  • Bookmark the reading experience.

Concept of the App 

Apps like this one may be used to download books from free sources and store them in the app's local database. Customers may then choose the book they want to read.

As a bonus, users may store their reading progress and return to it later on. This app's page-flipping effect is its most impressive feature. As a result, readers find it more enjoyable to read any genre of book.

You may spend more time on the UI since this app doesn't have many functionalities. It's never been simpler to create a user-friendly interface.

  • Recipes App 

The recipe app's goal is to provide users with a way to gather foods and recipes they're interested in trying. As a bonus, the app can help users buy the items they need. This is a really basic iOS app concept, perfect for someone just getting started with iOS.

The app must have the following features:

  • Display all of the app's meals and recipes.
  • Each dish and each recipe should be explained in full.
  • Add ingredients to the shopping basket so that customers can easily pay for their purchases. 
  • Allow users to make payments on their own.
  • There are optional extras such as a list of your saved meals, a history of your most recent payments, and so on.

Concept of the App 

A tabBar or side menu may be used to assist users navigate to the desired screen. In general, there will be four parts:

This will appear on the 'Dashboard' screen (or Home, if you like). You may release your imagination here. Both a collection and a table view may be used in conjunction, as demonstrated below. Each recipe's details may be seen by swiping left or right on the item's icon.

You'll find everything you need to cook your food on 'Details' page. In this feature, this component may be upgraded by connecting to payment enabling them to be able to acquire these substances. But this activity involves a lot of things as you need to link/ co-operate with supermarkets or agencies.

Users may add a new favorite recipe by tapping on the 'Add New' button on the app's main screen. This feature allows users to make changes to their personal information and avatars by clicking on "Settings".

Chat App

Messenger, a Facebook app, is one of the most popular. Because it's such a popular function, building a chat app is a cinch. 

Developers looking to sharpen their abilities might take advantage of the chance to put their knowledge to the test. All of these factors combine to make it an ideal iOS app concept for a beginning developer.

What you need to have:

  • Sign in or create an account on one of the many well-known social media sites, such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter.
  • Display the chat log.
  • Instantaneous text messaging.
  • Send a push notification.
  • AR/VR and chatbots are optional and advanced functionalities.

Concept of the app 

This app's business logic is quite simple. Your app should be able to accomplish all the things Messenger can do. When you send a message to a group of people, everyone in that group will get a copy. Make sure you can get push alerts anytime a chat has new content even if you're not using the app at the moment.

When it comes to the models and their relationships, this is the most difficult element. As a result, if you haven't yet completed the prerequisites, please refrain from considering Chatbots or VR/AR.

  • To-do-lists — Keeping track of responsibilities app

Execute these major concepts above even if you don't think you're good enough to do them. Remain optimistic despite your setbacks. Let's take a look at (To-do list – Tracking task) for some ideas. 

Despite the fact that there are a lot of similar applications in the AppStore, fresh developers never grow tired of it. For the most part, it's used to keep track of your day-to-day activities over the course of a week, month, or year.

Features that are essential:

  • Keeping track of tasks throughout time is essential.
  • For certainly, calendars are involved.
  • Push notification for the local area.

Concept of the app 

You may create a variety of variants of this app based on the app's core concept. People, groups, or categories may be tracked in several ways.

These factors may be shown in a variety of ways after you have the percentage. As an example, have a look at the following picture (or anything like this) The calendar will allow users to go back in time to review or amend tasks at any point in time.


Servers, databases, memory leaks/retain cycle concerns, etc. are required for all of the aforementioned applications. What really matters is that you can combine them all from talking with servers to saving to your local database and updating the UI in runtime without interrupting UIs and providing the greatest experience for your users.  

The more intricate your app's business logic becomes, the larger it gets. For this reason, you should definitely explore one of these iOS app development concepts.

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