Cyber Exposure Tip 2 = This time it's personal

I recently created my next video tip. It only takes about 3 minutes. However, this one is not about cyber exposure in organization but rather some advice regarding your personal cyber exposure. You can find the post at:

The text copy is below.

Hi, this is Doug Nagan with my second cybersecurity tip.
However this one is not about the cybersecurity of your  organization but rather your personal privacy and security.

With all the sound and fury recently surrounding Facebook, it is well to remember they survive and thrive because people are willing to share personal information on their platform.

Which leads me to this tip.

If you value your personal information and privacy do not take those little quizzes that pop up on Facebook.

You know the ones that I asked what kind of a dog would you be.

Tthese might seem to be a welcome break from the daily grind, no stress and maybe raise a smile and even a laugh, especially when you see your good friend would make a fine kakapo.

So you happily respond to their questions, not realizing that it is their objective which is to get you to share personal

information that can be monetized and resold.

I'll say it again, their objective is to get you to provide personal information identifiers and likes.

That data is then harvested and sold to people interested in identifying people who have the targeted characteristics.

Remember you did give them permission when you click that box saying you agreed to their terms.

Every time you respond, more data is added and that means you are putting more money in somebody's pocket.

So what's the problem? it's easy, by answering enough of their questions and someone somewhere then has a very good

profile about you, your habits, likes, dislikes and preferences.

You have given up your personal privacy and never can you get it back.

if you're a concern that you may have already given up too much information, you can at least stop the


So that is the tip. Do not take any more Facebook quizzes. it is that simple, and we would strongly recommend you go to your Facebook page and click on settings.

You will find a wealth of information regarding yourself.

You can choose to alter the settings to reflect your personal preferences and remember to check on these settings as they will be modified from time to time as Facebook evolves.

Simply put, this tip is be careful out there.

The predators are constantly searching for ways to get your information and will do their best to make it all seem innocuous and innocent.

I hope this helps.

If you are curious and would like to know more concerning cyber exposures, try our course at the Global Risk Academy - 

Understanding Cyber Your Exposure .

Be wary and stay safe in order and protect your personal information.

You can see the URL for the course below.

if you don't protect your own personal information, no one else will.

This is Doug nagging, saying goodbye and wishing you well

If you would like to take the comprehensive course consider taking our bundle course the definitive guide to cyber exposure managementat

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