Does God Understand how to Breakeven?

Does God Understand how to Breakeven?
Enrique Suarez
Breakeven analysis is used to determine when your business will be able to cover all its expenses and begin to make a profit. It is important to identify your start-up costs, which will help you determine your sales revenue needed to pay ongoing business expenses.
1. In which ways do you think God's creation will be able to cover all of its"efforts" at establishing minimum acceptable human behavior on this planet and in which ways would God, people, and the planet gain from optimum expected human behavior?
 2. At which breakeven point would God be satisfied enough with its creation and at what level of human achievement (material and spiritual) would God be completely satisfied with its creation? 
3. Considering the current state of our planet, namely the COVID pandemic, climate change, racism, wars, poverty (most of the world population is poor), terrorism, etc. what do you think God or you should do to breakeven with God's creation (a minimum level of desirable human behavior to live in peace in this planet), let alone what should Godor you do to achieve the maximum level of human peaceful interaction/satisfaction from God's creation so that every human being in this planet benefit(profit) from God's creation? 
I would love to hear your comments/possible answers to these important questions.
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