Introduction about OpenAM

OpenAM provides a service called access management, which oversees access to resources, for example, a website page, an application, or web service, accessible over the network. When it is set up, OpenAM gives an infrastructure to manage clients, roles, and access to resources. The centralization of Access control is done by OpenAM. This is done by handling both authentication and authorization. Authentication can be considered as a process of distinguishing a person, for instance, by confirming a successful login. Authorization can be considered as the process of allowing access to resources to validated people.


Centralization of authentication is done by OpenAM by utilizing a variety of authentication modules that associate to identity repositories that store identities and give authentication services. The identity repositories can be actualized as LDAP catalogs, relational databases, RADIUS, Windows confirmation, one-time password services, and other norms-based access management frameworks.

OpenAM lets you chain together the authentication services utilized. Authentication chains enable you to configure robust authentication for more sensitive assets for instance. They additionally let you set up modules that can remember a gadget when the client signs in successfully. Or on the other hand that evaluates the danger given the login conditions and accordingly can require more credentials when a user is signing in from an unusual area.

Features of OpenAM

1. Authentication

20 authentication methods are supported by OpenAM. OpenAM has the adaptability to chain methods together alongside Adaptive Risk scoring, or to make custom confirmation modules dependent on the JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) open norm. Integrated Windows Authentication is supported to empower a totally consistent heterogeneous OS and Web application SSO environment.

2. Authorization

OpenAM gives authorization strategy from fundamental, basic, coarse-grained rules to profoundly progressed, fine-grained qualifications are dependent on XACML (eXtensible Access Control Mark-Up Language). Authorization policies are preoccupied with the application, permitting engineers to rapidly include or change strategy as required without alteration to the underlying application.

3. Adaptive risk authentication

The adaptive risk authentication module is utilized to evaluate risks during the authentication cycle and to decide whether to need that the user completes further verification steps. Adaptive risk authentication decides, based on risk scoring, whether more data from a client is required when they log in. For instance, a risk score can be determined based on an IP address range, access from another device, account inactive time, and so on., and applied to the authentication chain.

4. Federation

Services associated with federation safely share identity data across heterogeneous frameworks or domain boundaries utilizing standard identity conventions (SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID Connect). The OpenIG Federation Gateway is a segment of OpenAM giving a SAML2 compliant authorization point and permits organizations to quickly add SAML2 support to their applications with next to zero knowledge of the standard. Moreover, there is no compelling reason to change the application or introduce any plug-in or specialist on the application compartment. Out-of-the-box devices empower basic task-based configuration of G Suite, ADFS2, alongside numerous other integration targets. OpenAM can likewise act as a multi-protocol hub, interpreting for providers who depend on other, older standards.

5. Single sign-on (SSO)

OpenAM gives various methods for SSO, regardless of whether the requirement is empowering cross-domain SSO for a single company, or SSO over numerous companies through the Federation Service. OpenAM supports various alternatives for authorizing policy and ensuring assets, including strategy specialists that live on web or application servers, a proxy server, or the OpenIG (Identity Gateway). OpenIG runs as a self-contained gateway and secures web applications where introducing a policy specialist is not feasible.

6. High accessibility

OpenAM provides both framework failover and session failover to enable high accessibility for enormous scope and significant deployment. These two key characteristics assist to guarantee that no single point of failure exists in the arrangement and that the OpenAM administration is consistently available to end-users. Unnecessary OpenAM servers, strategy agents, and load balancers forestall a single point of failure. Session failover guarantees the client's session proceeds without interruption, and no client information is lost.

Career Goals in Forgerock OpenAM

In careers such as security architect, Forgerock OpenAM is a must-have skill. The role of security architect expects you to do configuration, install/design/customize, implement and support Identity and Access Management arrangements utilizing ForgeRock Identity and Access Management components Application onboarding Work with the groups business analyst to guarantee solutions meet security accessibility, versatility, and performance prerequisites This job is anticipated to investigate and comprehend identity-related management.

However, the good news is that you can gain all the above-mentioned skills by inculcating OpenAM knowledge and skills. The better news is that you can go for SkillXS IT Solutions OpenAM certification courses that will make you job-ready in a very short period.

There are various job paths you can choose after having expertise in Forgerock OpenAM such as Identity and Access Management Analyst, Identity and Access Management Administrator, Information security analyst and security consultant, etc.

However, the average salary of different jobs requiring expertise in OpenAM varies from 3-5 lakhs per annum. This will go up to 7-8 lakhs per annum with experience.

Future Prospects

The modern IT world is facing various challenges related to identity management. Forgerock Identity and Access management tools provide organizations with various secure identity management methods. The demand for OpenAM has already started shooting up. In addition, due to its vast applications in the IT sector, the demand is likely to see a boost in the next few years.

If you’re one of the aspirants of Forgerock OpenAM, then your career outlooks are surely bright.

SkillXS IT Solutions provides online courses of Forgerock OpenAM which will assist you to get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Not only this, the extensive modules prepared by IT experts will train you in Forgerock identity and access management tools such as OpenAM, OpenIDM, OpenDJ, and OpenIG

The courses by SkillXS IT Solutions are designed in such a way that any person with moderate level aptitude will easily grasp them. SkillXS IT Solutions has taken the initiative to provide the best learning opportunities at the comfort of your home. The courses will cover how to manage single sign-on (SSO) projects utilizing Forgerock OpenIDM and OpenAM solutions.

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By enrolling in the SkillXS IT Solutions OpenAM course, you will get training in how to integrate Forgerock OpenIDM with various target systems, for example, LDAP (openDJ, AD, etc). In addition, SkillXS IT Solutions modules will also help you to cover scripting languages such as groovy scripts and java scripts. This factor will surely contribute to the bright job prospects in this field.

Therefore, don’t waste your time, enroll yourself now, and get a lucrative opportunity of learning from the best of the industry.

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