God Does Not Exist - Stephen Hawking and my Response

As you will see in the below video, Mr. Hawking asserts that when people ask whether God created the universe, this question does not make sense for him because time did not exist before the Big Bang so according to Mr. Hawking "there is not time for God, therefore there is not time to make the universe in". Mr. Hawking also asserted that we are each free to believe what we want, but his simple explanation is that "there is not God and that no one created the universe and no one directs our faith ." Furthermore, Mr. Hawking emphasized that because of that, "there is probably no heaven and no afterlife either."

My answer to Mr. Hawking is that there is a creator and the creation and we should not confuse both, that is, the creator or that supreme energy that scientists have acknowledged it can not be created or destroyed and by definition is not subjected to time, therefore it has always existed. However, this energy created not only the universe but all forms of life including all of us, which means that what it was created will be destroyed in due time, therefore being alive has a purpose. Moreover, there is a difference between "believing and knowing" that Mr. Hawking have not addressed mainly because Mr. Hawking "has not discovered himself yet", that is, he has not yet found a way to connect within himself with that eternal energy that is keeping all of us breathing, therefore alive, and that it can be felt in the form of inner peace in every breath we take which can give all of us a deeper understanding by experience and not by believing, of our real purpose in life and who we really are that has a divine component.

With regard to Mr. Hawking's assertion that "there is probably no heaven and no afterlife either," my response to Mr. Hawking is that "heaven" is not a particular place but a "state of consciousness" based on a deeper experience of that divinity inside of us in every breath we take which manifest itself in the admiration and appreciation of the creator and its creation, one finite and the other eternal. With regard as to whether there is life after death, I am not worry at all about this because if I feel peace inside of myself everyday of my life, then when I finally leave this world I know that my destiny is like the drop of water that came from the ocean and will go back to the same ocean where it came from, that is, the ocean of LOVE that gave me birth.

Nevertheless, I share one hundred percent Mr. Hawking last comments on this video when he asserted that "we have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe and that for that he is extremely grateful." The only thing he missed to say is that his life, my life and everybody's life is also a miracle that need to be felt by experience as a part of that grand design of the universe. The fact that Mr. Hawking is already appreciating the grand design of the universe is already a huge step closer to "know thyself" as Socrates have stated many years ago. And in fact, if Mr. Hawking finally discovers who he really is, he then will know that all the scriptures of the world are only maps that are telling us where the real treasure really resides, which is inside of all of us and that it has a finite component (our existence on this planet) and an infinite component which is that infinite energy that is keeping all of us alive and that will still be there when we are all gone that Mr. Hawking has correctly described on this video as not being subjected to time. So dear Mr. Hawking, life on this planet has a purpose, an incredible purpose which is to experience the infinite in this finite body when we are still alive and that you are a miracle, a beautiful miracle of life, including everybody else. The problem is that we do not know this yet.

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