Hacking smart contracts - [Your weekly digest and risk alert 12/2019]

Dear Global Risk Community member, Mar 25, 2019

Smart contracts are software programs stored on a blockchain that automatically execute some form of digital asset exchange if conditions encoded in them are met. Entrepreneurs are pitching their use for everything from money transfers to intellectual-property protection. But it’s still early in their development, and researchers are finding bugs in some of them. So are hackers, who have exploited flaws to steal millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies.

The fundamental issue is that blockchains were designed to be transparent. Keeping data associated with smart contracts private is, therefore, a challenge. “We need to build privacy-preserving technologies into smart contract platforms,” says Dawn Song, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and the CEO of Oasis Labs, a startup that’s working on ways to do this using special hardware.


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How GRC can help in reducing Frauds
IFF Training – 15% discount on courses until 19th April
Personalizing Insurance to Win Customers’ Hearts: Experts from QBE,...
CVD Equipment Market Trends, Analysis and Forecast - 2018-2023
Market Research Subscription Model | KBV Research

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How GRC can help in reducing Frauds

Ideal GRC tools can play a very important role in reducing frauds if implemented and executed properly. A good GRC solution keep compliance and risk programs effective and updated. It allows business to implement the solution that addresses specific regulatory requirements and properly identify the inherent risks. It also helps in handling, documenting and evaluating the risks efficiently. By having an effective GRC solution, it also highlights if the transaction is made in a certain manner which some financial company is supposed to do. ...

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IFF Training – 15% discount on courses until 19th April

To celebrate the start of Spring, IFF Training is launching a special offer. Book onto one of our courses running in April, May or June, quoting the reference: IFFSPRING15 by April 19th and you will be eligible for a 15% discount. ...

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Personalizing Insurance to Win Customers’ Hearts: Experts from QBE,...

Customer service has recently taken a central focus for insurance carriers. The exploits of digitally-native InsurTechs such as Metromile and Lemonade have demonstrated the appeal that personalized, seamless product offerings can create. In a 2019 Insurance Nexus survey, a majority of respondents felt that the customer experience would see the greatest impact from the implementation of AI. ...

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CVD Equipment Market Trends, Analysis and Forecast - 2018-2023

Logic is used for processing digital data which controls the operation of electronic systems. It is also used for interchanging and manipulating data in communication devices, computers, and consumer electronics. Digital circuits are developed using small electronic circuits called logic gates which are also used to develop combinational logic. It has applications in digital product including mobile phones, calculators, PCs, tablets, arithmetic logic units, digital watches, computer memory, multiplexers, registers and microprocessor. ...

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Market Research Subscription Model | KBV Research

All about Subscription Model

A subscription model is based on the idea of selling a product or service to obtain monthly or yearly subscription revenue. The model primarily focuses on customer retention rather than customer acquisition. Essentially, subscription models pay attention to the way revenue is made, i.e., they look for ways in which a single customer pays multiple payments for prolonged access to a good or service. ...

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