In any service identity verification works as the backbone of the system. The same is the case with the healthcare system. Proper identity verification is a necessity, because it's how a doctor knows that he is treating the right person with this specific medical history; a pharmacist knows he is handing over the right drug to the right person with this medical record; and it’s how a billing office knows he is mailing the right receipt to the right patient.

Healthcare identification needs to be an efficient and crucial delivery service by healthcare and public health management and a baby step towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This service helps in providing continuous and consistent care for the patient having relevant medical and treatment history. These documentations are also required to acquire insurance programs and safety nets that cover medical expenses. 

Data is managed through a unique patient ID so it can be aggregated and can be shared into a separate health database. It will ensure effective action at the time of emergency and provides results in real-time - which will further improve the treatment and disease management, without any possibility of identity theft. Secure kyc identity verification in healthcare is a win-win situation for the medical department and patient for effective service.

The World Bank, gives few figures to provide back to their claim of the requirement of an E-health service. According to the World Bank’s record around 1.1 billion patients globally lack legal identity documents in 2017, they are unable to prove their identity in order to claim their eligibility in any government scheme or service, Thus, they receive no service from the government. As a result, government machinery has a hard time providing a rationalized service when the data is so incomplete and even difficult to establish the identity of existing and excluded beneficiaries. There are 3.5 billion worldwide who have no access to the quality health service.

The adoption of digital information service electronic health records(EHRs) allows countries to overcome such above inefficiencies. Some 47% of countries adopted EHR, and 83% of countries adopted at least one mobile application.


Reasons for mis-identification of patients, 

  • Patient’s incorrect identification at the time of registration.
  • Slow and ineffective registration procedure.
  • Provide confused data, duplicates or multiple results for the same name and date-of-birth patients. 
  • Inefficiency in the health department and workflow.
  • Reliance on a DIY system that is not competent enough to match today's needs.
  • The patients themselves providing false information.
  • Chances of human error.
  • Treatment pressure - for example, when the patient cannot wait 30 minutes for the processing time required to get results. 

Perks of having an advanced system: 

  • Highlights the efficiency in the identity ecosystem:

Identity verification in health services is a must because it has a long shelf life. As compared to any other identity theft, credit card scams may be catered to in about a week or two. But healthcare services contain the identity data like the social service number, the name, and the medical insurance number with the medical history that can not be changed or canceled. So by such efficiency, if such a system works effectively that can reduce the need for any health application anomalies

  • It provides opportunities for inter-operationality.
  • Integration between foundational identification and health care systems.

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