So many lists of the Top 10 risks for 2017 floating around and we are already in March! Everyone seems to do the same study and get different results! No wonder we are not getting anywhere with Risk Management. Maybe we should now make a "master"​ list of the top risks from each study and then do another survey to see if that is a good list. Every organisation must have their own list of top risks... and DO something about it, lists means nothing, ACTION is everything. Those who are doing nothing ( and sit around making lists and updating risk registers) will just be exploited (and "executed"​) by those who are better. If you want to stay in business in 2017, start managing risk.

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  • I agree COSO is still relevant, but following just that is not a guarantee or a confirmation of good risk management.

  • Risk management is crucial for survival of an organization.I think enterprise risk management- COSO framework is still relevant.

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