The Coronavirus outbreak that hit us earlier in the year increased into a pandemic that affected practically every country in the world. As a result, countries had to go into lockdown to prevent the spread of it further. Keeping healthy during these times have been vital, as countries continue to come in and out of lockdowns to prevent any further spread and enclose the virus as safe as possible.

There are a number of different ways that you can help to protect those around you whilst staying at home or staying in close quarters around your area. This can be working from home if necessary, exercising for limited periods of time in the day and generally taking extra caution in public areas. 

Here are some important tips to look after your health during the pandemic and prevent the risk of it spreading further.

Create a plan of action with your household

If you haven’t done so already, discuss the matter with your household. If you have any vulnerable family members, it’s important that they’re protected the most. Discuss each person’s individual circumstances and how you can adapt to this. For example, would one of the members be working from home? Are kids staying at home for study? 

If one of you were to be sick, you’ll need to accommodate for this too. Could you create a ‘sick’ room so other members of the family are protected? You’ll need to help them with food and water so be wary of this and try to keep your distance.

Regularly wash your hands

It’s been highly recommended by many health organisations that the spread of the virus can occur easily through your hands. It’s already important to regularly wash your hands but not it is more important than ever. 

You should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and they should be cleaned thoroughly. Be sure to tackle your thumbs, palms, wrists and fingers when you wash them. This should be done after you’ve gone to the toilet, sneezing or coughing or touching items outside of your household - basically, on any occasion possible where your hands have come in contact with potential germs.

Eat Healthily

Having a healthy immune system can encourage your body to fight off harmful illness. Therefore, foods containing vitamins C and E can be great for boosting your internal fighting mechanisms, amongst others.

It’s understandable that for some people, they can’t have all the foods that contain this due to their diet preferences. Therefore, reverting to supplements can be an alternative that you can use to incorporate in your diet. Vitamin D supplements are just one example of useful supplements that you can purchase to boost your immune system. 

Coronavirus continues to be the word on everyone’s lips and it’s important that we continue to be aware of it. We should be protecting ourselves and others wherever we can. By following these steps, we can be well on our way to doing this. 

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