Massive Global Cyber Attack

On Friday, as most of you know, there was a massive global cyber attack that took the form of ransomware. The cost of which is still be calculated.

When you read the articles and analysis several things stand out, which I have been advising you about for some time. The attacks exploited non technical issues. Specifically the all too human behavior that clicks on emails or links that are not secure and not doing updates to key software in a timely manner. All the security technology is helpless if the organizations cyber security culture is weak and if their cyber exposures, meaning the non technical vulnerabilities, are not addressed.

The technical cyber defenses are necessary but not sufficient. To take the offensive against cyber predators you need to address your non-technical cyber exposures, or suffer the consequences as happened this Friday.

If you would like to learn more send an email to, or, and ask for the 'Management Guide to fighting Cyber Predators'.

Stop playing cyber wack-a-mole and be safer and more secure.  Address all your cyber exposures.

Another option is to join the online Cyber Exposure Management Course Series.

Here are the options:

Option 1. Understanding Cyber Exposure - For Beginners

Option 2. Advanced Cyber Exposure Management

Part 1 - Identifying Cyber Exposures
– Part 2 – Cyber Exposure Program Management

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