May Luck Be With You

It is said all the time.  May you have good luck in your new endeavor.  We realize its just an expression of goodwill but it does speak to the power and predominance of the notion of luck. Its as if the fates of chance and the charm of serendipity is the ultimate factor separating success from failure.  

This is absolutely the case for manufacturers of rabbit foot good luck charms, shaleigh wielding Leprechauns and other providers of magic elixirs and mojos that steer the gods of fate to your personal benefit.   But for the rest of us luck is a fickle thing whose appearance and consequence remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  

No question luck plays a big role in our lives.  The randomness of life can serve up pots of gold or oceans of despair due to minute measurements of time and space.  Consider missing a plane flight that crashed or consider the luck of someone who is shot in the chest and the bullet misses their heart by a few millimeters.  

These life altering random events are chalked up to the luck of the draw and we remain grateful that luck was on our side; yet remain a bit spooked had the circumstances gone the other way.

Though luck plays a factor in our lives and business careers, it is best to position oneself to be the beneficiary of luck when the angels of fortune flutter through the pathways of our life.

Alexander Hamilton said the spoils of fortune belong to the intrepid.  His sound advice counseling the need to engage calculated risk will more often than not result in some sort of achievement.

We at Sum2 believe this to be the case as well.  Our clients engage risk as a daily cost of doing business. We design risk management products for small business managers that empower them to lower the odds and consequences of damaging risk events while positioning themselves to be the beneficiaries of opportunity when the angels of luck flutter on by.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all and may the luck of the Irish always be with you.

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