I envisage that we can by sometime next year (if we put our minds to it) create a self adjusting economy that needs little intervention and that can adjust to changing rates of inflation and other impacts much more easily than the economy that we have now.


To spell it out with forceful intent I called it Ingram's Law.


What is that?


It is the need to structure all of our debt instruments, taxes, accounting systems and stores of wealth in such a way that the economy stays in balance as average incomes rise and as the rate of increase varies.


The income stored as wealth should be retained in its income value, the bills we pay should rise proportionately, and the jobs that we create by spending should remain in place because we will be spending in the same ways without being forced to do otherwise by structural design error.


If we change any one of the barriers / structures that get in the way, multiple maladies that confront us every day and certainly every decade will melt away almost without trace. That is the nature of a complex system because when ANY part of a complex system is maladjusted it creates maladies all over.


Economies are naturally self healing but we put obstabcles in the way and then we wonder why we are in a recession and we wonder why we do not have good and workable remedies. We should not even be in this recession if we had made these changes before 2008.


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Comment by Edward C D Ingram on September 30, 2012 at 10:06pm

I have just launched my school of risk management which is really macro-economic design - the re-design of our savings and loans, pensions and investment vehicles and the way we manage them and the economy.

It has been a lifetime in development with full time work in the past decade trying to write it up.

Whereas I started with the above website I have now decided to teach the fundamentals and the mathematical models that go into these structures. It is easier to explain everything that way.


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