Think of choosing a career as a ladder. You have to climb the ladder gradually to get to the top. If you skip a few ladder rungs in a bid to reach to the top as quickly as you can, you risk falling to the ground. However, if you take the time and invest yourself in the process, you automatically increase your chances of making it to the top successfully.

Students, parents and career counsellors often make the mistake of being too focussed on the end result of the process of choosing a career. They hurriedly try to get to the top, skip a few steps and more often than not, end up where they did not intend to be.

At CareerByDesire, we believe that the ideal career for you is a culmination of three things- what you excel at, what you enjoy doing and what the world needs. It’s impossible to determine all the three things overnight. Finding out what are the things you’re good at and what you enjoy doing is easier said than done. Also, there are very few reliable sources in the job market who can tell you what the world will need a couple of years down the line.

Our career mentorship program employs a system of ongoing mentorship, monitoring and motivation. Expect regular personalized, one-on-one sessions, timely progress reports, a dedicated point of contact who will be available to you whenever you have any doubts or queries and also periodic updates about the latest trends in the job market related to career topics of your interest. We ensure that you keep your eye on the prize and don’t miss a single step along the way.

Research-based Guidance

Our years of expertise in research has led us to believe that the job market is extremely dynamic and can offer exciting possibilities. Unfortunately, most of this information never ends up reaching students and parents in time. We believe that students and parents must educate themselves as much as possible and explore a variety of career opportunities before they make a decision.

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At CareerByDesire, research is at the core of everything we do. Our decades of experience in market research gives us an edge over other counselling and guidance programs. We give you comprehensive information about the job market and the various career options you may be considering, from a well-informed perspective. Our aim is to help you base your career decisions on factual data. This puts you in a better position to choose a career with favourable prospects in the present as well as the future. 

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At CareerByDesire, our goal is to create an environment in which students build self-awareness and also have all the information they need to make sound career decisions. We offer personalized and unique career guidance, counselling and mentorship programs for students as well as parents, beginning from class 10, so that students eventually go on to build successful and fulfilling careers.

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