Operational Risk Management (ORM) Manager Certification Curricula Announced in North America


We, BreakPoint University (part of our Financial Services-oriented BreakPoint Consortium Blockchain), are excited to be introducing what has become the most transformational certification for the Financial Services sectors. This is a big claim, I know! But, see if you agree with me?

Here's a brief overview:

Our ORM Manager courses are PECB-certified. Successful course attendence provides 18 CPD credits for the ORM Manager cert and 30 CPDs for the Lead Manager 5 Day certification course offering. Then, there is an exam to get the actual certification.

The 3 day Intermediate Level course is aimed at seasoned financial service professionals who have at least 2 years of work experience and a set number of hours in ORM activities and operations.

This course will be offered on October 10 - 12 2022, in English, for those participants who can meet on Zoom with a live instructor and instructor to participant interactivity. The course will be ideal for those of you who are in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States, or you are willing to change your day~!


ORM Video Overview






Contact me if you'd like to receive our ORM Certifications eBook which gives you the details for the ORM Manager, Lead Manager and Senior Lead Manager Certification Course requirements.

Our BreakPoint University Registration Team is ready to answer your questions, send you the ORM e-Book and help you to arrange your ORM Program at your financial services firm.



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Phil Wilson
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