Our World and How We Behave in It.

Our World and How We Behave in It.


In the past, I have expressed my opinions on many subjects concerning the World Economy:

  • Climate Change, Deforestation, Desertification,
  • Population Control,
  • Abject Poverty,
  • Cleaning up our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Creeks,
  • Human Slavery,
  • Over-fishing of our Oceans, Recycling of Plastics,
  • Basic Education for all of humanity,
  • Restoring Trust, Honesty, Respect and the rule of law for all peoples of the earth,
  • Stop killing wild animals for profit, 
  • Stop invading countries for their resources and negotiate fairly,
  • Eliminating World Hunger
  • Potable water for all living things on Earth to name a few. 

These are truly noble goals that we are going to have to achieve.  We also have to stop monopolies and merger mania.  We cannot allow a small percentage of the population to control all of humanity.

When it comes to population control, 95% of the world’s population is concentrated on just 10% of the world’s land.  This is not a problem.

When it comes to climate change, well the climate is changing all the time.  It is we humans that are the biggest threat to the climate.

We have to stop deforestation, desertification, using our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Creeks as garbage dumps.  It is estimated that our oceans produce 50% to 80% of our Oxygen by way of photosynthesis.

We need to stop burying our garbage.  We need to incinerate the remaining garbage with state of the art incinerators.

We need to stop building nuclear plants near the ocean on earthquake fault zones.

We need to stop Deep-sea drilling in our Oceans just to name a few.

We need to educate humans from K to 12 as to how fragile our world really is.

Here is a small example:  Eradicating the wolves in Yellowstone Park from 1872 to 1925 changed the environment and climate in that area.  Bringing back the wolves in 1995 put nature back in balance in that area.  We need to bring the world back into balance with nature.

If we wish to survive as a species on this planet we will most definitely have to address the majority of the above concerns.

After reading the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development it is hard to fault the goals put forward.  It is unfortunate that all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved due to the fact that the world is too complicated and humans are a very competitive species.  There are some people that are very competitive and extremely wealthy that have nefarious ideas concerning how our world should be run.  These people have to be controlled.


Agenda 21, Absolute ZERO, Welcome Leap, The First 1000 days, Canada’s Bio Digital Convergence, is a whole other thing.

It seems to be a different idea.  The phrase:  You will Own Nothing And Be Happy does not sound good to me.

Question:  Who will own everything?   


It appears that Covid-19 was used as a narrow window of opportunity to bring in the Great Reset.

This was a poor and harmful approach to countless millions of people all over the world.  There was a better way to try and achieve the above 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Now we have the Absolute ZERO goal that is also flawed. Stating that we have to eliminate C02 is laughable.

Our atmosphere contains 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and 1% other rare gases like Argon, Helium, Xenon, Neon, Krypton, H2O and CO2.

CO2 makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere.

So I ask you is CO2 and Nitrogen a serious concern?   Nitrogen is lighter than air.

There is talk in the mainstream media of billions of tons of carbon somewhere.

CO2 is a gas molecule / compound that is made up one atom of Carbon and two atoms of Oxygen.

Are we to believe that somehow the Carbon and Oxygen are being separated from the CO2 gas molecule?

We can compress the CO2 into a cylinder and the gas will have weight.  We can qualify the CO2 and it will have weight.   The Pfizer BioNTech  mRNA Gene Therapy injection has to be stored at -95 degrees F.   To do this the vials are stored in dry ice which is CO2.  When the dry ice evaporates it releases the CO2 back into the atmosphere.   This does not seem to be a concern.   CO2 is essential to life on this planet.  The Boreal Forest is similar to the Oceans when it comes to photosynthesis.

WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari is no doubt a deep thinker.

I have watched many of his videos.

He warned us about the d

angers of the technology we have today when he spoke at Davos.  He also eluded to the fact that in the future we will combine humans with machines.

He stated that the God gene is not necessary in humans and that we can become our own Gods.  This is very concerning to me.

I would ask Yuval when he looks into his husband’s eyes does he see just atoms, elements, molecules and compounds or does he see something else; a loving soul or spirit.  I see a loving soul / spirit when I look into my wife’s eyes.  I see the same thing when I look into my children’s and grand children’s eyes.  If we become transhumant where will all the new innovation come from?

Will AI be able to take over a humans brain?  To this day we do not understand the complexities of the human brain.  AI was developed by humans with brains that are still developing, albeit slower than a glazier pace however they are still evolving.   There is an old saying:  DON’T MESS WITH NATURE.

There appears to be a goal to break the G7 Nations and have them behave like Mainland China with facial recognition, contact tracing, social credit scores, digital ID chips, population control through AI, and 5-6 G technology.

What we are talking about here is freedom.  You cannot take away the perception of freedom that the G7 population has had for over 77 years.  The masses have to feel that they are free and they have to be free.  All world advancement did not come from the elite.  It came from the masses.  Think of all the music that we enjoy.  Think of the person working out of their house on an invention that can change the world for the better.   AI will not do this for us.

What is happening in Canada where I live, there seems to be a movement towards total control of the Canadian population.  You know, 15 minute cities and where Governments join with primary dealers and multi-national corporations to benefit themselves negating their moral responsibility to the 99 percent.

Think of the WEF,  Great Rest,  Stakeholder Capitalism and The fourth Industrial Revolution.  Of course you have been told not to talk about this.  This will not go over well with the masses.  All through history, this idea has never been successful.



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