In the modern era, solutions that deal with identity management should be able to perform two things equally well, first is to deliver smooth access to the business, and second is to provide support of requirements and needs of compliance around safety and security. No matter how much administrative requests and change and develop, or what number of new employees, temporary workers, and different clients come or change jobs, companies must have the option to rely on their identity solutions for economically empower solid and steady controls over admittance to applications and information, permit for convenient access requests and deliver convenient provisioning of access rights.


In the new age, well-coordinated and compliant companies should successfully implement identity and access controls to limit business hazards and avert security breaks or misuse of information while enhancing audit performance and smoothing out compliance to decrease IT costs.

To deal with these difficulties, associations require an answer that can scale up and stay aware of access demands and compliance prerequisites, while keeping access-related dangers, cost, and audit inadequacies down. SailPoint IdentityIQ is developed and intended to address these difficulties.

What is SailPoint IdentityIQ?

SailPoint IdentityIQ is an advanced and effective solution for identity management that lessens the expense and complexity of both the following guidelines and providing access to users. Conventional identity management methods manage these regions in a separate way, frequently utilizing various, and disjointed items. However, IdentityIQ gives a unified methodology that uses a typical identity administration system. This makes it possible to reliably apply business and security strategy, and role and hazard models, overall access related exercises.

Intended to scale to the most complex enterprise necessities, SailPoint IdentityIQ empowers you to increase total visibility and control of access for every one of your workers, partners, contractual workers, and non-human users including bots. SailPoint IdentityIQ works at the center of your security and IT systems to expand profound administration abilities to all your important applications and frameworks.

SailPoint IdentityIQ Empowers Companies to: 

  1. Management of compliance utilizing automated access accreditations and strategy.
  2. Enable clients to effortlessly sign-on to web and SaaS applications without recalling various passwords.
  3. Gain greater visibility into all client access from the data center to the cloud and proactively uphold risk-appropriate administration controls.
  4. Make a smooth change from on-premises IAM to IAM-as-a-Service (IDaaS) if and when the time is appropriate.
  5. Enable secure, yet traditional access to any application, from any device.
  6. Provide on-request visibility into "who has access to what" to help settle on business choices and meet audit necessities.
  7. SailPoint IdentityIQ gives the power to the user to demand access and reset passwords freely.
  8. Automate provisioning across the lifecycle of the user by improving processes for making, altering, and renouncing access.

Why SailPoint? Advancements in Identity Management 

There is a unique feature of SailPoint that is to offer a special mix of qualities to bear on each aspect of the new difficulties of identity management. With creative, industry-demonstrated innovation, a solid legacy in identity and access management, and a laser-like focus on identity administration, SailPoint is best prepared to enable any association to run a fruitful identity management program with the given business advancements:

1. Risk-based methodology

Only SailPoint has the feature of offering 360° visibility into identity and access information and applies a model of risk that makes it simple to speedily recognize explicit business risks before they represent a threat to security or compliance.

2. Unified architecture

SailPoint is the main identity provider that has constructed an identity administration and provisioning solution starting from the earliest stage to deliver all the capacities that associations need to address the present-day risk, compliance, and lifecycle management needs.

3. The flexible last-mile provisioning method

IdentityIQ coordinates effectively with whatever identity innovations; apparatuses and measures are built up or liked. With SailPoint, the client chooses how changes are satisfied with the assets across the association. 

4. Improved performance and adaptability 

SailPoint meets the performance and adaptability needs of a portion of the world's biggest clients. IdentityIQ is intended to scale horizontally, vertically, and practically, making it workable for SailPoint to oversee a huge number of clients, a great many applications, and a large number of entitlements.

5. Centralized administration across datacenter and cloud conditions

IdentityIQ is intended to deal with access to all information, applications, and other assets throughout the company, from the data center to the cloud.

Trend and Opportunities in the Future

SailPoint enables the world's biggest associations to mitigate risks, to lessen IT costs, and guarantee compliance. SailPoint IdentityIQ gives better visibility into and commands over user access than secret and sensitive applications and information while smoothing out the access request and the process of delivery. IdentityIQ is the business' top governance-based identity management system that rapidly provides substantial outcomes with mindful of risk compliance management, closed-loop client lifecycle management, adaptable provisioning, an incorporated governance model, and intelligence associated with identity.

Owing to its numerous benefits, it is predictable that careers in SailPoint IdentityIQ will provide you with lucrative and stable opportunities in the next few years. Increasing demand for identity management software is propelling the growth of the SailPoint IdentityIQ market in the upcoming years. With greater security and reliability, we can assume that this technology will see a boost in the years to come.

According to the various online job portals, the average salary for SailPoint IdentityIQ varies from INR 612k annually for an experience Engineer to INR 840K annually for developers. That’s a hell lot of money, isn’t it? In addition to lucrative career opportunities, SailPoint IdentityIQ offers the stability of the job. With increasing technological advancement, the demand for both engineer and developer of SailPoint IdentityIQ will see growth in the next few years.

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Summing Up

For many organizations that are rapidly growing in today’s fast-paced world, SailPoint IdentityIQ is the obvious choice due to its ability to deliver governance of identity and provisioning capabilities in a single solution.

SailPoint, the pioneer in the management of identity enterprise, carries the Power of Identity to clients around the globe. The open identity platform of SailPoint enables companies to enter new markets, scale their workforces, grasp new advances, advance quicker, and contend on a worldwide basis. As both an industry pioneer and market pioneer in identity administration, SailPoint delivers security, operational effectiveness, and compliance to enterprises with complex IT situations. SailPoint’s clients are among the world's biggest organizations.

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