Why You Need a Dashboard Camera in Vehicles

The dashcam, or dashboard camera, has been extremely popular in the last few years, mostly due to many of its advantages. Simply put, this is a form of camera that is installed on your car's dashboard and built to capture sounds and images when you're driving. The objective of the dashcam is to record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car that can be used for a range of functions.


Presently, these cameras are widely used around the world by regular drivers, driving instructors, taxi and bus drivers, police officers, and so on. A significant aspect of these inexpensive and feature-rich cameras is that they can be conveniently paired with a range of on-board technology, such as recorders and GPS devices.

What is a dashboard camera?

Dashboard cameras are also classified as vehicle or truck dashboard cameras, fleet dash cameras, or dash cameras. Most of these cameras point forward, looking out from under the windshield window so that the video image fits the perspective of the driver.

These are video cameras attached to the vehicle dashboard, inside the windshield, or almost any surface. The Dashboard cameras are usually powered by the vehicle's electrical system and can be switched on/off manually or switched on automatically when the driver places the ignition switch in the ON position.

Why is a dashboard camera an emerging automotive trend?

Have first-hand evidence of a car accident

This is the main reason why millions of car drivers have chosen to invest time and money in dash cameras, particularly in Russia, where the largest number of Dash Cams users is now noticeable, that is, first-hand evidence of a car accident. Simply stated, the camera will start recording as soon as you start the engine of your car which will provide real-time, reliable, straight-to-the-point evidence in the event of an incident.

If a car crash occurred and the vehicle was involved, then you can prove that it wasn't your fault, and you can send a videotape as proof if there was any court case. This way, the other party will be held accountable for the accident and will be obliged to pay for the repair of the car – without video evidence, the other driver may claim that the fault was entirely yours, as it often happens that the guilty drivers tend to blame the victims.

A dash cam is the perfect solution for undisciplined drivers

Another important reason why you should consider buying a dashboard camera is that it will help you report undisciplined drivers. Every driver has had at least one bad encounter with a bad driver during his driving career. Not only are these impudent and reckless drivers very distracting and dangerous, but they may potentially put the lives of other drivers and innocent passengers at risk.

Nevertheless, reporting an undisciplined driver's bad behavior can be a daunting task, as this often requires proof – if you do not have an eye witness to testify on your behalf, then the case usually goes cold. That is where the dashboard camera comes in and provides the ultimate proof against bad drivers. Nevertheless, the Dash Cam will also be used to track the drivers who may not behave on their status while they are in traffic. You can use it for drunk drivers or impenetrable drivers who ride and drive, you can use it to report road rage collisions and so on.

Dash cams have a plethora of useful features and functions

At the moment, the high-quality dashboard cameras come with several helpful features that will help you at several different rates. For example, most of these cameras come with audible notifications coupled with spoken status changes – that way, you can also be up to date with the recording process and be alerted in real-time whether there is an issue with the camera or storage device.

The cameras often come with a low battery use option and, as the name implies, this particular feature is intended to allow the Dash camera to use as little battery as possible. This functionality is especially useful if your dashboard camera does not derive its energy from your car's battery and relies exclusively on external batteries because it extends its lifespan. Most cameras often come with a nice, high-tech LCD screen with touch functionality integrated into them. With an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and easy-to-use navigation menu, these cameras now allow you to have full control of your road trip and recording experience.

Trends that influence the adoption of dashboard cameras among commercial and personal vehicles

Never-ending benefits for fleets

Dashboard cameras have been an aftermarket product for private vehicles, but they are gaining prominence in commercial vehicles for fleet management, risk reduction, and driver tracking. Truck accidents and traffic violations are a major expense for a truck fleet of any scale, so video recording of driver behavior may help fleet managers identify unsafe driving habits and provide additional training to hold these costs down. Immediately after an accident, a dashboard camera video is useful if other parties dispute what has happened and who may be at fault. These tools have proven useful in resolving disputes and preventing possibly expensive judgments.

Intelligent dashboard cameras

Artificial Intelligence (AI) video, 4G LTE connection, and sophisticated cloud technologies combine to provide unmatched security. Built-in 4G LTE with an adaptive dashboard camera allows 24/7 live streaming and exposure to an HD video archive with zero latency as needed. In addition, AI surveillance learns and sends alerts in real-time for break-ins, collisions, reckless driving, and more. It even works when you're off the car.

If the drivers imitate other vehicles at too high speeds at too close a distance, Tailgating Detection identifies these incidents automatically through a fleet management dashboard for video training. Distract Driving Detection gives visibility to the prevalence of distracted driving behaviors and events. Preventative in-cab alerts are issued to drivers to help adjust risky behavior when tailgating or distracted driving is observed. Configurable safety score customizes how safety scores for drivers and fleets are measured by applying different weights to harsh events, speed severity, defensive driving, and more.

Role of dispatching software and dashboard camera in logistics industry

Dispatching Software is designed to simplify routing and scheduling processes and provide a smoother and more effective way to complete the task. Dispatching software can be personalized to schedule future appointments. Dispatching software is a digital solution that enables companies to complete time-consuming tasks such as monitoring fleets in transit, monitoring equipment locations, maintaining sufficient inventory, and assigning tasks to employees.

Dispatching Software has been developed to help increase the productivity of the company and help to make faster decisions. A truck driver may face a variety of issues while on the road. There are thousands of things that could go wrong while a person is on the road. Dispatching software can help to minimize challenges faced by drivers, as the real-time data generated by the driver position software helps to solve the problem quickly. Dispatching software increases versatility to simplify their dispatch management, as it becomes difficult as the company starts to expand in size. The platform can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a business organization.

Free Valuable Insights: Global Dashboard Camera Market to reach a market size of USD 5.2 billion by 2026

The bottom line

To conclude, the dashboard camera market is spreading progressively as customers find these cameras a great investment, particularly because it is highly economical and has an extremely simple design. Within seconds, thanks to the suction cup, these simple cameras can be installed on your car dashboard. You can select from a broad variety of dash cameras, from low-end cameras costing just a few tens of dollars to high-end digital cameras with a color display, time and data stamps, two lenses as well as a color display.

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  • As a defense attorney, I can say that dash cam video has worked to my client's benefit in every case. Even when my client was liable, it allowed everyone on the team to quickly and efficiently come to an effective resolution strategy. Dash cams have been so effective in my practice that I put one in my vehicle as well as my wife and son's vehicle.

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