World War III: Depopulation, Nuclear War


vs. Biological War

Imagine a nuclear blast, as depicted by Stephen Fry, in his recent video, describing Washington’s US$ 1.2 trillion plan of annihilation. With a technologically advanced nuclear war, atomic weapons, the kind available today certainly in the US, Russia, Israel, and several European countries, a nuclear war could devastate, if not extinct humanity. Ninety percent of the world population could be wiped out and with it, all basic infrastructure, all major cities; and sunlight would be blocked out for maybe decades. (See video below)

Even in a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, the two smallest nuclear powers, within weeks the nuclear smoke would spread around the earth. In an altitude of 30 km, it never rains, so the nuclear dust cloud might linger for years, blocking the sun, destroying crops and bringing about deadly famine. Those surviving the nuclear blasts might die, if not from famine, from all sorts of cancers and other nuclear radiation-related diseases. It might bring about the end of humanity as we know it. Watch the video below for devastating details.

Possibly the sole survivors and the likely carrier of the human genome into a new nascent human history – maybe to eventually become another civilization – would be the untouched indigenous people, those that have been able to preserve their livelihood in the deepest jungles of the Amazon and what’s not yet destroyed in the Indonesian and African rain forests, and some other most remote corners of the world.

That is a possible scenario. And that has probably happened several times before in Mother Earth’s history. Of course, unlikely with nuclear bombs. Other human atrocities and intercultural feuds, even natural phenomena or a combination of both, could have been the cause for extinction.

Today, some researchers, scientists and investigators may warn about the dangers of extinction, but the grand comfortable public doesn’t want to know about such risks. So, where we are at this critical and high-risk point in history, is perfectly alright.

The human species is where it deserves to be, namely asleep, in a very dangerous, evil dreamworld. Seduced by daily comfort and by daily lies from our authorities (sic-sic), we prefer not to wake up and continue living in a fantasy world. In short, western society has become so complacent that it prefers lies to the truth.

William Casey, CIA Director under President Reagan, once said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”He was so right.

It’s about time, that Mother Earth goes into a self-cleansing process. She deserves it.

Is a global war what we want? A nuclear devastation? I don’t believe so.

Is that what the global elite wants – those who pretend calling the shots on the world’s present and future? – I don’t think so.

They, the “Global Cabal”, know that they would be wiped out too. There is no selection process with a gigantic all around the globe nuclear blast – or blasts. And there is nowhere to escape. They could hide for a while in their high luxury bunkers – those they have already prepared for “just in case scenarios” – but not for long. And what a pleasure would it be living underground, in darkness, far from the real sun… well, for them, who thrive on darkness, it might be a pleasing experience, who knows.

Few nuclear blasts a thousand times stronger than the ones that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki could end it all. That’s also where racial, color or regional discrimination would end. A couple of thousands of years of White Supremacy would come to a full stop.

That’s not what this global elite wants, those, who live only material and compassionless lives.

The nuclear arsenal has by now become highly sophisticated, with targeted nuclear destruction – “nuclear light”, being an ever-growing option. If applied, the Dark Cabal doesn’t know whether retaliation would also come in the form of nuclear “light”, or rather turn into a nuclear holocaust.

An atomic devastation would be one WWIII scenario. Some “experts” say we are 100 seconds from Armageddon. But, how do they know? How does anyone know? What are their criteria – fearmongering or an attempt at awakening? How does a self-styled “expert” know? It’s certainly not science – assessing the onset of Armageddon, the demise of our existence as we know it? Its either arrogance or taking people for more stupid than they are – deviating from the real issues, for example, of tyranny, enslavement, AI-control, possibly forced euthanasia — and much worse. This leads to another WWIII scenario…

Another WWIII scenario may be the one we are living in right now, but hardly anybody seems to notice. The one waged by a multi-billion dollar powerhouse.

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