AI in Finance: Revolution or Risk?

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In this episode of the Global Risk Community podcast, we delve into the topic of AI in Finance with our guest, Glenn Hopper.

With over two decades of experience in finance, accounting, and technology leadership, Glenn brings a wealth of knowledge as the Director at C4 Aventus Advisory Group and the author of the Amazon bestselling book "Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age."

His unique insight at the intersection of artificial intelligence and corporate finance sheds light on how AI is revolutionizing risk management practices.

We discussed the transformative impact of AI on traditional finance strategies, the integration of AI in financial institutions, and the technical complexities involved.

Glenn also shared his pioneering work on AI bots designed for specific roles in finance, offering a glimpse into the future of automated financial management. Additionally, the conversation touched on the ethical considerations and the importance of regulation in the ever-evolving landscape of AI in finance.

If you're a professional in Risk Management, Cyber Security, Sustainability, or hold a position such as Chief Risk Officer and are passionate about the future of AI in these fields, this episode is a must-watch. Glenn's perspective provides invaluable insights into harnessing AI for enhanced decision-making and efficiency in risk management.

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