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May 5
Ece Karel posted a video
We’re happy to introduce our new podcast format called Risk Radar. This podcast will feature discussions on the latest trends and developments in risk management and related fields. Both the CEO, Boris Agranovich, and the co-host, Ece Karel, will be…
May 4
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, our guest Robert shares his insight on the 4 distinct leadership styles found in business today, what success looks like for each style, and what leaders can do right now to make sure that they’re the leader their company…
May 2
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, our guest Aliya shares her insight on the future of AI technologies. We explore the exciting possibilities of creating more conscious and empathetic AI, and how this can benefit both businesses and individuals. Additionally, we…
Apr 21
Ece Karel posted a video
With many changes occurring globally in the world, everyone has had to adopt many new standards, especially in their work environments. As such, there is a big responsibility on the shoulders of leaders, and they must adapt themselves to the needs…
Apr 11
Ece Karel posted a video
As AI continues to accelerate innovation everywhere, we must ask ourselves if we can rely on it automatically. Yunus shares his insights on the potential problems and risks associated with AI and whether we have appropriate measures to mitigate…
Apr 4
Ece Karel posted a blog post
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, powering everything from virtual assistants to autonomous cars. In recent years, AI automation has gained widespread attention for its potential to revolutionize…
Apr 3
Ece Karel posted a video
Property insurance poised to become more of a luxury product globally due to climate change and natural disasters. This is a massive risk which can significantly, and adversely so, impact the sustainability and possibly growth and development of…
Mar 31
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, Peter shares his insights on AI and how can it become an effective tool to be used in Risk Modelling, as well as some challenges and solutions to using new technology in Risk ManagementDr. Peter Quell is Head of Portfolio Model…
Mar 6
Ece Karel posted a blog post
In today’s rapidly changing workplace, managing teams has become more complex than ever before. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote work, and employees have new expectations that are challenging for many managers to meet. How can…
Feb 28
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, Jan shares his insights on why aligning different units and controls of risk management and governance practices are crucial for maintaining a holistic risk management approach, and how can organisations create more effective risk…
Feb 28
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, Viren shares his insights on the increasing concern of cyber security risks, primarily business email compromise cases, how it happens and the best methods of prevention.Viren Parekh is an experienced expert in enterprise risk…
Feb 24
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, Nino shares her insights on ERM Implementation process, the challenges related to embedding ERM at scale and the critical success factors for a smooth implementation that ensures resilience among other topics.Nino Gordeladze is the…
Feb 15
Ece Karel posted a video
In this episode, Keith shares his insights on how compliance officers can find unconventional ways of dealing with many challenges they face, including he compliance fatigue.Keith Read is a chief compliance and ethics officer as well as the author…
Feb 10
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Feb 7
Ece Karel posted a blog post
In this week’s blog post, we are excited to share insights from our latest interview with Kareem Saleh, the Founder and CEO at FairPlay, the first Fairness-as-a-Service solution for financial institutions. FairPlay's AI-powered tools assess…
Jan 31

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