Per Kurowski replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion ECB Stress Test: The Latest European Challenge?
"Europe, it is your bank regulators who most must be stress-tested!"
Oct 27, 2014
Per Kurowski commented on Riskviews's blog post Calibrating Capital to Risk Management rather than to History
"If bank regulators had calibrated risk to history, then they would have seen that all bank crises ever, no exceptions, have resulted from excessive exposures to what was ex ante perceived as “absolutely safe”, and never because of excessive…"
May 11, 2014
Per Kurowski replied to Robert Shultz's discussion What are the key considerations in developing an effective global credit policy
"The number one absolute must for developing an effective global credit policy, is eliminating the Basel capital requirements for banks based on perceived risks already cleared for by other means. These favor those already favored, “The Infallible”…"
Mar 25, 2013
Per Kurowski replied to Sohayla Fitzpatrick's discussion Pose Your Questions to Industry Leaders at RiskMinds USA Conference
"Banks clear for perceived risks of default of borrowers by means of interest rates, amount lend and other contractual terms.
And so when the regulators also use the same perceived risks to set capital requirements for banks they introduce a…"
Jun 4, 2012

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