Robert Arvanitis commented on Bryan Whitefield's blog post Don’t blame them – they are not the problem
"True, but...  (Isn't that always the case?)
Those divisional risk managers must have the proper attitude.
The naïve view is to avoid risk.  But you propose s a far more proactive and constructive role.
The true purpose of risk management is to take…"
Jul 15, 2016
Robert Arvanitis commented on Dr Debashis Dutta's blog post Basel 4: The new way to play the dice
"It is clear that senior management of many investment and commercial banks have been unable to save their firms from distress and even insolvency.  That, with full and immediate inside information.
It is not possible that regulators, with…"
Aug 19, 2015
Robert Arvanitis commented on Nic Parmaksizian's blog post It’s Time to Build “The Relevant Bank”
"Excellent and relevant points about performance fundamentals, for individual clients.
I also recommend a shift in perspective.  Consider the lesson of a GEICO.  GEICO is not an insurer, it is a retailer which happens to sell insurance.
In the same…"
Jul 15, 2014
Robert Arvanitis replied to carmenza's discussion Looking for sample of OpRisk policy for insurance company
"In the broad sense, Mr. Helton has the right idea, if perhaps an ambiguous perspective. Sometimes insurers are accused of not making payments that are due (bad faith).  Regrettably, insurers are more often required to make payments that are NOT due…"
Dec 25, 2012
Robert Arvanitis replied to Lisanne Vos's discussion What are your top issues and challenges in risk?
"Before any specifics, there are two basic principles on the origins of risk.

FIRST and most important principle, there are no black swans, no true surprises.  What we call black swans are in fact revelations of undetected correlations among…"
Apr 16, 2012
Robert Arvanitis replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion Perspectives on Risk management. Are risk managers bean counters or game changers?
I believe we are saying the same thing.
First there are the external impositions like regulation.  Necessary but of quite limited value.
Second there are the true economic risk metrics, for example predictive analytics to anticipate rising…"
May 19, 2011
Robert Arvanitis replied to Boris Agranovich's discussion Perspectives on Risk management. Are risk managers bean counters or game changers?
"That's a bit like asking if a football player (US style) is on offense or defense.
Someone has to watch the pressure gauges, warning lights and fuel levels, but that's not how to score."
May 18, 2011
Robert Arvanitis left a comment for Mark Carey
Most recently managing director, Global New Derivatives at Merrill. Took the money off the table in 2000. Actuary by training.
Currently advise on low-beta risk hedging and consult with major IT firms on predictive analytics, simulations and…"
Nov 30, 2010
Robert Arvanitis replied to Nurul Ishak's discussion Enterprise Risk Management Conference - 2011 in USA Risk Community

Who is sponsoring the ERM conference?

Presume it is in Chicago?

Best regards
Nov 29, 2010
Robert Arvanitis replied to Francois Grobler's discussion Insurance in Natural Resource projects...
"The best way to view a project (of any nature) is as a bundle of risks.

By convention we think of these as distinct, belonging in separate markets – insurance, warranties, leases, equity, debt. Each market takes only what it is accustomed to…"
Nov 12, 2010
Robert Arvanitis posted a discussion
The optimist says the glass is half full.  The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The engineer says the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. The issues of failed regulation, and failed political systems more generally is not one of left or…
Aug 17, 2010

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  • Robert - I lead the Deloitte & Touche federal risk consulting practice that provides risk consulting services to our federal government clients. I just transferred from Deloitte's practice providing risk services to private enterprises.

    How about you? What do you do in the risk management world?

  • Hi Robert, It’s great to have you here! Feel free to invite new people, participate in discussions, activities and share knowledge. We want to make this place great so everyone can benefit.
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