The Independent reports that Ireland's Chartered Accountants are warning that "new OECD proposals on taxing hi-tech multinational companies will fundamentally change business landscape." 
The OECD has published a draft discussion on companies operating in the digital economy.  The question of determining tax liability for companies with a business model spanning multiple countries is a growing concern for national tax agencies. Outsourcing, offshoring, the use of tax havens and global e-commerce are perplexing tax authorities seeking to enforce outdated national tax codes written before the explosion of the global digital economy. 
The report proposed redefining when and where a company is liable for tax; suggesting a company would have a tax liability in a country where it had a "significant digital presence".
Ireland is particularly sensitive to this issue in wake of it's recent tax dispute with Apple and other multinationals with operations in the tax friendly EU nation.
Revenue recognition in a rapidly changing global economy with a growing preponderance of digital assets, intellectual capital and digital specie like Bitcoin raise important questions for corporate managers, tax authorities and regulators. Defining revenue, asset types and national jurisdictions of taxing authorities pose great challenges for tax professionals, corporate management, legislators and revenue agencies. Leveraging global disparities in national tax laws to arbitrage local tax codes is the mark of shrewd treasury management. It can also raise questions with tax agencies.
SME's involved in global digital e-commerce must become aware how the evolving tax code opens the door to tax controversy that rises audit risk factors from national revenue agencies.
Sum2 developed the IRS Audit Risk Program (IARP) to provide SME’s an audit risk assessment tool to keep the taxman away from the door. IARP outlines tax code focus areas where caution should be exercised when filing tax returns. Business owners can rest a bit more easy that audit risk is being effectively managed. Get Tax Audit Aware with IARP.

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