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Curating and Creating Community


Curating and Creating Community


Veronika SUMOVA

EC- EU Digital

24 June 2015

With more than 290 million (and counting) active social media users in Europe, online engagement continues to grow. Seeing that the community on our social media platforms can get very active, at the beginning of 2014 we (the social media team) started thinking how we can take this interaction a step further. Rather than creating something for our community, how can we create something with our community?

United in D

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Design Principles: Building for Multiple Languages


Francesca JENNER

European Commission

One of the guiding principles behind our approach in creating a new website for people across Europe is clear: to make it as easy as possible for users to find the information they want.

And when it comes to language, that's not just about sticking to the web writing guidelines – our task is to construct a site that is adaptable to multiple languages.

Check the evidence

We've been carrying out detailed resea

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Public Services Under Attack through TTIP and CETA Atlantic Trade Deals



 Corporate Europe Observatory and Europe Observatory

12 October 2015

EU trade deals with Canada and the US could endanger citizens’ rights to basic services like water and health, as negotiators are doing the work of some of the EU’s most powerful corporate lobby groups in pushing an aggressive market opening agenda in the public sector.

Access PDF of full report in English.

Read the executive summary in EnglishFrench,

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Enrique Suarez


Where is My European Union? The European Ideal has been Irreversibly Damaged

"If belonging to the largest and richest trading bloc in the world cannot provide dinner for a retired teacher like her, it has no reason to exist."


Alex Andreou

Global Research, June 28, 2015

As Greece prepares for a monumental decision, there is only one certainty: the European Ideal has been irrevocably damaged

I am a Europhile. Not only that, I am a pr

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Enrique Suarez Presenting:

Euromania: Uncovering The European Union


Global Research, June 26, 2015

After making his widely broadcast debut documentary – Panopticon – about the loss of privacy and civil liberties, filmmaker Peter Vlemmix is back.

He sees the imbalance of power between corporations /governments and citizens as the most important theme of our modern society. 

You can watch the entire documentary in the following link:

This a

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SMEs Dance to the Basel III Shuffle

cap structure sme eu.PNG
I often wonder, what if Basel II capital accords had been in place prior to the Great Recession? 
Could the devastating crisis fueled by the serial pops of credit bubbles rumbling through the dismal landscape of G20 principalities been avoided with better capital adequacy safeguards? 
Could the precious Post Cold War peace dividend been preserved; had the fiduciaries of global solvency not toppled the dominoes of economic prosperity and political stability through extreme selfishness and irratio
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ADP Job Report: Recovery Marches On

8028229263?profile=originalPrivate-sector employment increased by 191,000 during the month of March, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report (NER) released yesterday. The NER suggests a steady, albeit uneven growth of nonfarm private employment since net job creation first turned positive during the first quarter of 2010. The pattern of rising employment gains, confirms signs of an accelerated economic recovery reinforced by a March report that is above the 12 month average. 
Though the report is an indicat
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The Independent reports that Ireland's Chartered Accountants are warning that "new OECD proposals on taxing hi-tech multinational companies will fundamentally change business landscape." 
The OECD has published a draft discussion on companies operating in the digital economy.  The question of determining tax liability for companies with a business model spanning multiple countries is a growing concern for national tax agencies. Outsourcing, offshoring, the use of tax havens and global e-commerce
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SME's Stand Their Ground, Get The Loan

8028226891?profile=originalTerrific piece on SME lending in yesterday's Irish Independent.

More than half of all lending decisions appealed to the Credit Review Office by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are overturned. This is a good lesson for SME's to be persistent in the face of rejection. SME's that can show confidence in their business prospects and demonstrate a creditworthiness can turn a negative decision into a green light. The key to this happy reversal of fortune is being able to provide evidence of creditwo

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Transport Policy

New vision of the website is active. All colleagues involved or interested in the problems of transport security could visit it and do their registration for free. We will appreciate all information for events, news, expert assessments and discussions shared there. We kindly invite all of you to share your proposals and critical remarks on the structure and consistence of the website which will allow us to develop this platform.
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Intermission on the Stage of World Finance

The G-20 Summit is over and the US has walked away without a major commitment. From the US perspective this has been a failed summit. The remaining G-19 member’s outlook could be interpreting this as a success. Our developed and emerging nations economic partners stood up to the minimum demands of the United States. It will not be the last time this outcome occurs.
As recent calls from various interests for a return to a global gold standard, US quantitative and non-quantitative easing proposals,
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