After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program…

After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program…

The COV-19 vaccine is now front-page news.

The following article was first published by Global Research on March 17, 2020, following the first tests of a vaccine conducted by Moderna Inc. with human volunteers in Seattle on March 16.

Author’s Note and Update

The COVID-19 Vaccine Project had been envisaged several months prior to the official identification of the virus on January 7, 2020, by China’s health authorities. 

At the 201 Simulation meeting on October 19, 2019, under the auspices of John Hopkins, the development of a vaccine for a fictitious novel virus was envisaged.

According to Richard Hatchett, CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) an organization sponsored and financed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Gates Foundation the project to develop a vaccine commenced not only prior to the discovery and identification of the coronavirus (January 2020) but several months prior to the October 2019 simulation exercise. “We did that in the last year or so [early 2019]. … ” ( see interview below)

According to the WEF Video below, produced in relation to the 201 Simulation, “the organizers created a virus” 

“the current strain of the coronavirus [2010 simulation], known as 2019-nCoV, but claimed that the death toll could run in the millions if the virus were resistant to modern vaccines … ” (November 2019 analysis of the 201 Simulation)

Ironically, on January 30th, the WHO defined the new virus as 2019-nCoV, i.e. the same name as “organizers invented disease” used in the 201 simulations in October 2019. No doubt a coincidence.

It was only later that Covid-19 was identified by the WHO not as a virus but as a disease: coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

Video; The World Economic Forum was a partner in The 201 Simulation.

Video Produced by the World Economic Forum in association with the 201 John Hopkins Simulation


Two weeks after the virus had been formally identified by the PRC (Jan 7, 2020), a vaccine for the novel coronavirus was announced by CEPI at the Davos World Economic Forum, January 20-24, 2020.

Michel Chossudovsky, September 12, 2020

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