Ever since the invention of machines or computers, their ability to do difficult tasks grew significantly. The recent growth in computer and machine algorithms has changed the face of engineering and science. The growth is so tangible that it is significantly rebuilding relationships among people, organizations, intelligent behavior, and engineered systems.


The computer systems have been developed to increase the speed and reduce size in terms of time. The curiosity of humans has pushed them to wonder “Can a controlled system or machine think and behave like humans?”

Probably such curiosity had led to the invention of modern machine learning systems such as Artificial Intelligence. Before we dig deep into the subject, let’s first understand what Artificial intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In 1956, John McCarthy had coined the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). A commonly believed notion that “Machine will think and do like humans more accurately in the near future” is the concept behind Artificial Intelligence. In other words, AI can be defined as “the engineering and science of making intelligent machines, especially computer programs”.

AI is similar to making a computer or software that thinks intelligently and in same manner as intelligent humans. On the other hand, Deep Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that emulates the functioning of the human brain in processing data for use in making decisions, detecting objects, recognizing speech, and translating languages. Deep learning methods can work without human supervision.

Why AI is gaining Massive Popularity?

The Digital era has brought about an explosion of data in varied forms and from different regions of the world. This data is known as big data that is taken from different search engines, social media, e-commerce platforms, and other digital sources, etc.

In this, there is a huge amount of unstructured data that would take decades for humans to understand and extract relevant information. Many companies realize the potential of AI systems like Deep Learning in unraveling this wealth of data into easy to understand format.

There is a positive correlation between the popularity of AI and its growing advantageous applications to vast fields.

Now, let’s dive deep into the applications of AI to different fields because of which Artificial Intelligence is gaining massive popularity.

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has a dominant role in various fields owing to its numerous beneficial applications.

1. Medicine

The evolutionary calculation is the term for some computational strategies in line with the ordinary growth process that mimics the system of common choice and survival of the fittest. Artificial Intelligence has been effectively helping PC to locate the tumors in therapeutic pictures. AI is similarly known to reach to the conclusion of various types of growth, and inborn heart surrenders.

2. Accounting Databases

AI is known to mitigate the problems of accounting databases. There are some issues with existing accounting database systems such as the needs of decision-makers are not fulfilled by accounting information, humans do not comprehend the computerized databases, and accounting systems are not easy to use, etc. Integrating AI systems with these databases can help in the appraisal of huge volumes of information with or without a leader’s support.

3. Gaming World

Playing games is one of the favorite things to do for many people. With the advancement of computer games, they have come a long way from modest text-based to the 3D graphics games with the complex universe. Today, AI is the most crucial part of any computer game. Playing the game without artificial intelligence would be so tedious. AI provides complex and new features to the gaming world. Spatial thinking, learning, audio use, assets portion, circumstance investigation, direction, rushing are some of the many different ways that AI adds to modern era computer games.

4. Traffic Signal Recognition

Various devices can perceive, recognize, and follow traffic signs from moving vehicles. Existing algorithms and systems cannot distinguish traffic signs. Locating and detection is done by AI methods based on color segmentation using different shape models. 3D technology is also often used. Other methods that use machine learning algorithms are also used for detection and classification.

Future Outlook

Using Artificial Intelligence with advanced research work, it would be possible to manage the roads’ traffic. Additionally, by applying different algorithms of AI, it would be possible to reduce the number of accidents that happen on the road.

Though AI has not touched the common people’s lives directly, but it is open to areas like neutral networks, medical, industry, space, military, and geology. With extensive research and advancement, we can expect bright forecasts in the field of AI and we will be able to move from the concept of humans like machines to developing the machinery that will be able to understand and act like intelligent humans.

That will be the era where robots based on AI will be doctors in hospitals, drivers in a bus, cook in restaurants, and professors in the classroom.

Experts of Artificial Intelligence predict that there will be 2.3 million jobs in the field of AI by 2020. Moreover, it is also predicted that AI technology will destroy around 1.7 million jobs worldwide, but still creating about half a million new jobs all over the world.

Additionally, AI offers various feasible and unique career possibilities. AI is used in various fields ranging from entertainments to transportation, yet there is a dearth of skilled and qualified professionals.

Hence, we can conclude that careers in AI technology can take a person to great heights in terms of growth, stability and money.

To conclude

There is extensive research going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. The domain of AI gives machines the ability to think intelligently and analytically. There is a huge contribution of AI techniques to various areas. AI would positively play a vital role in different fields in the coming future. AI techniques are used in computer games to make them more user-friendly. Moreover, AI plays a vital role in managing traffic signals and reducing the number of accidents on the road.

Owing to vast applications, it is pertinent to say that the field of AI will flourish more in the times to come. It is not wrong to say AI would be going to attract the attention of aspirants, researches, and the common people to a great degree in coming future.

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