Basel III - articles in detail

Basel III

There has been a lot of debate around the world over the new Basel III accord and what it means for banks.  A set of blog articles have been published on the Causal Capital webpage which discuss various aspects of this new mandate.


Wrong Way Risk

Wrong Way Risk occurs when exposure to a counterparty is adversely correlated with the credit quality of that counterparty and features heavily in the Basel III requirements.  This blog article discusses what drives wrong way risk and the measurement difficulties in banks.   There is a complete presentation which can be downloaded from the page that goes into measuring wrong way risk in greater detail.

Wrong way risk presentation link


New Insight for an old resolve

Understanding some of the flaws in Basel II and investigating the outcome from specific factors of the Credit Crisis allows us to understand why Basel III has been structured in the way that it has.  This is a review of what brought Basel III into existence.

New insight for an old resolve link


What is on the menu for Basel III

Basel III is going to impact regulators, banks and the broader economy in different ways.  Have a look at a complete summary on what are the key elements of Basel III.

What is on the menu for Basel III link


Thinking about liquidity differently

Liquidity Risk is a major area of focus for Basel III, in fact there is a complete BIS requirements outline alone on liquidity risk. This article is the first part of a two part series on liquidity risk and sets the scene on the key aspects of Liquidity Risk management.

Thinking about liquidity differently


As we publish more on Basel III or other areas of risk management, we'll keep the links coming up here.

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