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Jim Jockle, CMO, Numerix

James J. Jockle, Chief Marketing Officer at Numerix, discusses lessons learned from Yankees great Tommy John at the InauguralWaters Magazine Sell-Side Technology Awards. In baseball, groundbreaking surgery, and risk management, having the right team in place is key. 

On a cool spring evening it was a night for New York winners.  The Yankees beat the Devil Rays, the Knicks beat the Celtics, the Islanders made the playoffs and Numerix was recognized by the judging pan

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Johan Stromberg Regional Sales Manager Nordics at Numerix joins host and CMO Jim Jockle to recap the 14th Annual GARP Annual Risk Management Convention held in New York City on March 12-13. Johan discusses key regulatory themes impacting today’s global capital markets and the changing role of today’s Risk manager; in addition to the increased focus on Counterparty Credit Risk and the complexity of CVA implementation. In conclusion, Johan expands upon the emergent derivatives landscape in the Nor

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Maturity across the Counterparty Credit Risk (CCR) and Credit Valuation Adjustments (CVA) space varies greatly across the industry. Our recent survey provided some interesting insights as to whether banks are ready for CCR and CVA under Basel III, thanks to detailed responses from our clients and academic participants.


We found that there are clear differences of opinion between academics and practitioners particularly when it comes to Basel III readiness for CCR. The same is reflected with rega

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Global Clearing House Rules

When it comes to central clearing houses and regulation, it has been a hive of activity this year.

Literally every jurisdiction is in the midst of trying in someway to fit swap contracts from the OTC domain into a clearing house. It appears however, that some clearing houses seem to be having better luck at doing this than others. 

For those interested in a quick update of global developments, please follow this link.

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How Basel III impacts counterparty risk

The purpose of the presentation is to look at some of the key hurdles for Basel III but from a counterparty risk perspective.

Key areas which have been covered include some of the following:

» Understand how new requirements of Basel III impact counterparty risk.
» Gain insight into the hurdles for Asian Local Banks & Foreign Banks in Asia.
» Review how the key phases and causal factors of the Global Financial Crisis have been translated into Basel III requirements in the context of Counterparty R

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Basel III - articles in detail

Basel III

There has been a lot of debate around the world over the new Basel III accord and what it means for banks.  A set of blog articles have been published on the Causal Capital webpage which discuss various aspects of this new mandate.


Wrong Way Risk

Wrong Way Risk occurs when exposure to a counterparty is adversely correlated with the credit quality of that counterparty and features heavily in the Basel III requirements.  This blog article discusses what drives wrong way risk and the measur

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Most of Europe's biggest banks comfortably passed the Committeeof European Banking Supervisors’ recentstress tests and the sector has breathed a visible sigh of relief. However,plenty of uncertainty remains over banks that either squeaked by with justenough capital or passed but did not fully disclose the data that went intotheir calculations. The spectre of counterparty risk, last seen in dramaticform in the wake of the Lehman collapse, is not far from regulators’ andinvestors’ minds amid the c

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