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A common theme emerged on the first day at the Global Derivatives Trading and Risk Management Conference. CVA, DVA and FVA (but also a number of other components) have found their way into pricing and valuation models of financial institutions after the financial crisis of 2008.

After a macro-economic assessment by David Nowakowski of Roubini Global Econmics, which drew a somewhat grim picture with especially China being in slow-down, famed John Hull took up the stage to speak about the implicati

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By now, we all realize that financial practitioners around the globe are facing increasing challenges when it comes to computing complex risk and credit exposure calculations for both their exotic and vanilla derivative instruments. Given all we've learned about the importance of calculating counterparty risk p

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In this video blog, Numerix Host James Jockle, SVP of Marketing, and Satyam Kancharla, SVP of the Client Solutions Group at Numerix, sit down to discuss the changing role of Libor in the valuation of derivatives, along with an overview of some of the new recommendations in the market. Kancharla discusses how Libor is likely to change, new proxies coming to the market, the Martin Wheatley report—and how all of this will impact the

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Maturity across the Counterparty Credit Risk (CCR) and Credit Valuation Adjustments (CVA) space varies greatly across the industry. Our recent survey provided some interesting insights as to whether banks are ready for CCR and CVA under Basel III, thanks to detailed responses from our clients and academic participants.


We found that there are clear differences of opinion between academics and practitioners particularly when it comes to Basel III readiness for CCR. The same is reflected with rega

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In the automotive dealership space I have seen acquisitions turn into legal tribulations when after a deal is closed personnel related non-compliance issues pop-up creating huge, multi-million dollar headaches literally days after deal close.

What was found was a fundamental disregard for the human element in the valuation of a business...what have the people been up to that reinforces the business processes that helped make the business successful as well as what they have been doing on their ow
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