An Effective Complaints Management

For years, a statistic has been widely circulated in the customer service profession. According to Lee Resources, for every client that files a complaint, 26 other consumers experienced the same experience but fled rather than complain.

The number of non-complaining customers may be more or fewer, but the point is that not all disgruntled consumers express their dissatisfaction. When people take the initiative to reach out and complain, it's because they desire you to understand that you messed up in their eyes.

Complaints are chances to improve things.

No doubt, responding to consumer complaints is difficult, but it gets much simpler if you have a complaint management plan.

An Effective Complaints Management

Complaint management is most successful when you have a precise and regular system. To guarantee consistency throughout your firm, personnel must be notified of how to deal with every phase of this procedure, from the initial acknowledgment and appraisal of it, through all the investigations and responses to the final follow-up with the client. Whereas each company's complaint management procedure may be slightly different, here are several general criteria for a good complaint management approach:

  • Look into what's wrong and why.
  • Recognize the issue and sympathize with the consumer (some individuals want to be heard!)
  • Make things right (correct the problem and/or give something more) by following up.
  • Reiterate the issue so that you and the customer are on the same page.


Searching for Exceptional Complaints Management Software?

Predict360’s Issues and Complaints Management Solution provides first, second and third lines of defense the ability to manage more quickly and efficiently, track, collect evidence and collaborate on all compliance-related tasks, activities, issues, and complaints in real-time. Managers are provided with a holistic and real-time view of all compliance issues and tasks across the organization by site, business unit, and regulation. Key features include:

  • Dynamic Dashboards with configurable views and segmentation
  • Trend analysis to uncover complaints and issues insights
  • Follow-up and resolution tracking for individual complaints
  • Audit trails for enhanced accountability
  • Progress tracking to monitor investigations and follow-up actions
  • External complaint forms that auto-route to your compliance team and relevant stakeholders
  • Priority ratings and automated notifications for critical information


About 360factors, Inc.

360factors empowers organizations to accelerate profitability, innovation, and productivity by predicting risks and streamlining compliance. Predict360, its flagship software product, is an AI-powered Risk and Compliance Intelligence Platform that anticipates and mitigates risks while facilitating regulatory compliance. Predict360 integrates regulations and obligations, compliance management, risks and controls, audits and assessments, policies and procedures, and training in a single cloud-based SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence to provide predictive analytics and unique insights for predicting risks and streamlining compliance. 360factors is the exclusively endorsed solution provider for compliance management by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Visit for more information.

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