Enterprise Risk Management, IT and Security Policies

Maintaining a reliable business is a complex process. In the digital transformation scenario, in fact, thinking about security and risk management together is critical. After all, there is no way to guarantee the reliability of internal routines without IT solutions guaranteeing the company's privacy. 

Going together, security and risk management policies can reduce failures, improve internal processes, and ensure that solutions such as ERP are present in more locations. In other words, the company may invest in technology with a greater focus on results. Thus, from data analysis solutions to management tools, everything will be fully utilized. 

Do you want to know more about how the integration between security policy and risk management can be a good idea? So, check out the following post! 

The importance of risk management 

Risk management is a process aimed at identifying, treating, and eliminating factors that contribute negatively to the company's workflow. It can be applied to areas such as technology management, logistics management and even industrial maintenance. Well done, it reduces the chances of the company facing serious problems and losing its competitiveness. 

Why risk management is part of business security processes 

Operational risk management is a comprehensive policy, dealing with factors ranging from the absence of professionals to equipment malfunctions. However, as technology is integrated into the company's daily routine, IT risk management has increasingly been linked to corporate security practices. After all, problems in this area can hinder the company's operation and cause financial losses. 

An information leak, for example, can expose projects and customer data. Therefore, it is important that the two areas are thought of side by side. Thus, it will be easier for everyone to structure robust actions capable of generating the expected impact. 

How risk management improves the use of IT 

The creation of an integrated security and risk management policy can have major impacts on the business. See below how they relate to the use of technology in the daily life of the company! 

Reduces unnecessary IT spending 

Risk management prevents the business from spending more than necessary on technology. This is especially true for investment in solutions such as cloud security or those of cyber hygiene. As there will be more knowledge about what can affect the company, each decision will be more intelligent and effective. 

Identifies the impact of actions 

Risk management works continuously to provide more reliability for the day to day business. In this sense, measuring the impact of actions is one of the first steps to ensure effectiveness in the decisions taken. This will be possible from a comprehensive analysis of the company's chain, which minimizes the chances of a bad choice being made. 


Checks for conflicts 

The structuring of a good security policy and risk management facilitates the assessment of the existence of conflicts between existing processes to reduce internal problems. Therefore, this is an alternative that should always be considered. After all, if done well, it guarantees that the company will be able to maintain functional processes and with a uniform standard of execution. 

Classifies risks 

Knowing the potential of each risk that can affect your company is fundamental to the success of your daily routines. After all, this makes the targeting of actions and investments more intelligent. Therefore, always seek in this practice a way to improve the approaches implemented by the company. 

Avoid vulnerabilities 

The reduction of the vulnerabilities that a company has is another benefit that a good security and risk management policy brings. If gaps are monitored and mitigated continuously, the chances of them causing damage are much less. After all, every company will be aware of the impact they can cause. 

4 security and risk management trends 

To optimize your risk management policy, it is important to be aware of what is changing the market. This will facilitate new investments. In addition, it will improve the direction of business actions. 

Among the main trends, we can point out: 

  • the use of resource monitoring solutions. 
  • the integration of new technologies with the reformulation of security processes. 
  • the application of technologies such as Big Data and BI (Business Intelligence) to make decisions. 
  • the use of performance indicators to identify the result of the measures. 

How to start these processes in your company 

To create a good security and risk management policy, it is important to evaluate the day-to-day business and shape the processes according to market trends. The manager should also identify the IT risks and other areas that compromise operations. In this sense, some measures that can be taken involve: 

  • evaluate the profile of the device and software infrastructure. 
  • classify operational risks by their potential impact. 
  • create preventive and risk mitigation measures based on existing data. 
  • train professionals to adopt good practices in their daily lives. 

The digital transformation has taken technology to several areas of companies. The Internet of Things and Big Data, for example, contribute to reducing errors and generate innovation. Management systems facilitate the work of the leader and the search for a more integrated and functional environment. 


But such benefits can only be reaped if IT is properly integrated into the company's day to day. Using the support of a smart IT security and risk management policy, this can be achieved. The tools will be more reliable and, thus, their use can be made without compromising the company's competitiveness. 

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