Seeing a firm going bad is difficult when things are proceeding well; however, leaders must constantly be prepared for the worst-case situation. Integrating enterprise risk management throughout your overall company's strategy is critical to operating a successful firm.

"Risk is the probability of an event happening that will affect the attainment of objectives," following the Institute of Internal Auditors. Risk is defined by its impact and likelihood."

Whereas enterprise risk management (ERM) is the process of identifying and mitigating risks to reduce their effect and safeguard your firm.

Risk and company ownership go alongside one another. Understanding how to take reasonable risks is an essential leadership skill, and risk aversion can stifle progress. Leveraging risks may give your organization solid and tangible outcomes, such as increased market share and profits.

Leaders must control their company results in this complicated connection by developing an enterprise risk management strategy.

Enterprise Risk Management is a never-ending cyclical process. It scans the scene for recognized dangers while preparing for unexpected changes that might disrupt operations.

ERM Process

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Monitor
  • Mitigate


Significance of Enterprise Risk Management

Here are some of the reasons why enterprise risk management must be included as part of every business strategy:

  • A corporation with an enterprise risk management framework has a systematic approach to decision-making and risk-taking.
  • Assessing hazards and dangers might assist your firm in mitigating their effect or avoiding them entirely.
  • Knowing about current regulatory issues, such as wage rules, may help you choose the correct technologies to stay in compliance.
  • Risk awareness enables a business to make well-informed selections with high returns.
  • Enterprise risk management is a company-wide approach that involves all employees. This strengthens the corporation in general and removes vulnerable points.

Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management Solution

Risk management is required to guarantee that your company has a safe and secure existence. Predict360 Enterprise Risk Management Software, using the 360factors platform, ensures that managers constantly have an awareness of enterprise risk on a single platform. New risks are immediately represented in all risk indicators and available to all authorized stakeholders. In addition, our cloud-based risk suite guarantees that the most recent regulatory concerns are regularly monitored and upgraded inside the system.


Proactive approaches allow firms to boost productivity, reduce resolution times, interact more efficiently, and get insight into complaints and issue trends.

  • Stay current with real-time regulation updates.
  • Rapid and straightforward document uploads
  • Decentralize compliance to enable it to be an organizational-wide activity.
  • Dismantle organizational silos that hinder risk management
  • Provide risk visibility to leaders across the firm using risk management technologies.
  • Interact with and agree on Risk Appetite with several other people
  • Primary access compliance operations and reporting throughout all functional compliance departments
  • Integrated legal terminology understanding for speedy parsing of new legislation
  • Includes Dodd-Frank, SOX, FINRA 4210, HMDA, BSA/AML CFPB, RESPA, FATCA, fair lending rules, AISMD, and many more



 About 360factors Inc.

360factors empowers organizations to accelerate profitability, innovation, and productivity by predicting risks and streamlining compliance. Predict360, its flagship software product, is an AI-powered Risk and Compliance Intelligence Platform that anticipates and mitigates risks while facilitating regulatory compliance. Predict360 integrates regulations and obligations, compliance management, risks and controls, audits and assessments, policies and procedures, and training in a single cloud-based SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence to provide predictive analytics and unique insights for predicting risks and streamlining compliance. 360factors is the exclusively endorsed solution provider for compliance management by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Visit for more information.

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