Effective risk management is a top issue for any firm, and the pandemic has highlighted the need to promote a culture of adaptive risk management and implement efficient controls. Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) is a method that enterprises may use to identify and analyze operational risks that may jeopardize corporate goals. It is widely used by financial institutions, banks, and businesses. So, what are the advantages of this method, and which Risk Control Self Assessment Software would be better for your organization?

Why is RCSA Necessary for Any Organization?

Risk Control Self Assessment Software may play a vital role in raising awareness of operational risk within the business and enhancing the company's risk culture, in addition to assisting in assessing operational risks and identifying shortcomings in controls. It may also help with compliance and governance and reinforce internal and external auditors' work.


Risk Control Self Assessment for Banks and Financial Institutions

Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) reporting is essential for ensuring that financial and banking businesses analyze, evaluate, and mitigate risks. Previously, the process was managed manually using distributed spreadsheets, papers, and email. In today's fast-paced regulatory system, Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Business Unit Managers, and Boards of Directors demand more than the previous term's historical assessment data, requiring real-time risk and control visibility. Predict360's RCSA solution provides risk stakeholders with the following benefits:

  • Centralized risk and control reporting across business units
  • A common taxonomy of risks and controls across the organization
  • Risk assessment scheduling for periodic and reoccurring assessments
  • Real-time identification of commands that are operating outside tolerance levels
  • Action items for remediation or improvement plans that are linked to risks and assessments


Predict360 Risk Control Self Assessment Software Features

  • Real-time insight into RCSA progress and risk ratings
  • Standardization of risk and control taxonomies make it easier to compare and evaluate risks
  • Enterprise-level RCSA reports based on data from different business units
  • Executive visibility into risk items with the ability to drill down to greater detail


About 360factors, Inc.

360factors empowers organizations to accelerate profitability, innovation, and productivity by predicting risks and streamlining compliance. Predict360, its flagship software product, is an AI-powered Risk and Compliance Intelligence Platform that anticipates and mitigates risks while facilitating regulatory compliance. Predict360 integrates regulations and obligations, compliance management, risks and controls, audits and assessments, policies and procedures, and training in a single cloud-based SaaS platform based on artificial intelligence to provide predictive analytics and unique insights for predicting risks and streamlining compliance. 360factors is the exclusively endorsed solution provider for compliance management by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Visit www.360factors.com for more information.

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