In the increasingly competitive business scenario, the end-to-end customer experience and delight has become a new area, which noMultichannel-Contact-Center-200x300.jpeg?profile=RESIZE_710x one can afford to neglect. It is of paramount importance to deliver superior services with differentiated experience while aligning with the ever-changing customer preferences and needs.

Likewise, technology has changed the way organizations manage relationships with customers. While companies may argue this new reality, we cannot refute the fact that consumers are increasingly in a position of power. Comparison shopping on a wider scale has become the norm.

A strong relationship with the customer is of utmost importance, and the modern contact center can facilitate this. A right balance between customer experience and contact center operation must be maintained.  This is when the Multichannel (or Omnichannel) Strategy comes into play.

The Emergence of Multichannel

Customer demands are increasing. Customers now expect to be treated as multichannel buyers. They are empowered to use the web to research information, purchase products, and negotiate returns.  Products can also now be examined more than once through multiple channels. Likewise, service providers can now be contacted through a variety of service channels.

With the changes in the marketplace, leading businesses have started to harness both traditional and new service channels.  This is to enable them to better cater to changing demographics across all geographies and provide customers better access to new channels.

The emergence of Multichannel in this information-rich age has enabled a new mix of service channels, which as a package can be more efficient.  This involves a complementary blend of traditional and web-enabled assisted service that promotes a high level of efficiency in business.  With the emergence of a Multichannel Contact Center, companies can better facilitate a strong relationship with customers and address customer needs.

Driving Performance through Multichannel Contact Center Strategy

Research by Aberdeen Group showed that a Multichannel Contact Center Strategy can achieve more than twice year-on-year improvement in customer satisfaction.



In Multichannel Contact Centers, selecting the appropriate service type is essential in meeting customer needs and expectation.  The Assisted Services is targeted towards the elderly population and non-tech savvy customers. On the other hand, the Self-service is targeted towards technologically advanced customers to reduce cost.

However, regardless of what type of service is used or provided, it is essential that field servicing, self-servicing, and assisted servicing channels must work in tandem.

Optimizing Service Channels

A Multichannel Contact Center operates in a complex interactive environment.  Thriving in a complex marketplace requires the use of multiple factors that may guide companies towards optimizing the Service Channel Mix and provide the ultimate satisfaction to customers.

The first stage is the Analysis and Optimization of Channels.  There are several key analysis and drivers to the selection that should be considered.  One key analysis is on customer segmentation which helps in defining your customer and determining the kind of service type suitable for the said customer segment.

The second stage is the development and implementation of Channel Strategy. The optimization plan for service can lead to redefining channel strategy.  Ensuring the success of the redefined strategy depends on how our company can incentivize our customers to migrate to a more efficient and effective service channel.

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